Welcome to the website of the Peaslake Community Council !

The purpose of this website is to inform and update residents of the issues being discussed by the Peaslake Community Council, and to provide a forum to raise new issues. Background and Aims

Contrary to its name, the Peaslake Community Council is not a formally elected council, but a forum, meeting on the first Monday of every month (20:00 in the Village Hall), within which any resident may come along and raise and discuss issues, events, or projects. It aims to facilitate communication between different Peaslake groups so as to avoid clashes of date and provide an opportunity to find solutions to common problems and goals. It is well attended by some of our Parish Councillors and so can be used to bring matters to their attention too.

If you would like to post any content to this website, whether it be news, contact information, or suggestions for discussion, then just go to the posts page,  fill in the form and await moderation. You will then be able to view your rx247 post using the buttons to the left.


Peaslake, Story of a Surrey Village

High on the Hurtwood Common, Peaslake has grown out of a disreputable and independent hamlet in the parish of Shere.

Although it gathered substance when local men began building handsome Victorian and Edwardian residences for the gentry in search of pine-scented air and fine landscapes, at the same time it became favoured by the suffragettes, who were only the latest in a long succession to find refuge here.

Peaslake's history reaches back through labourers and washer women, yeomen farmers and woodmen, to smugglers and Gypsies on the one hand, and on the other to one of the earliest Quakers, at whose Peaslake home Quaker Meeting was held over three centuries ago.

Wording courtesy of "Peaslake, Story of a Surrey Village", edited by Jenny Overton, ISBN 0-9532742-3-3, £12.50, on sale now at Peaslake Village Stores.