Community Council Minutes – 2nd October 2017

Peaslake Community Council

Minutes of the meeting held on the 2nd October 2017.


Matters arising from the last meeting.


We regret to report that the Hall has still not had returned the three tables missing since the fair. If by chance you do have them please do return them. (no questions asked)


The treasurer reported that the accounts were the same as last month. (£70.59)


Parish Cllr: Adrienne Golightly, informed us that SPC had had a reply from the Friends of the Hurtwood saying that E-bikes with a power less then 250w and a cut off speed of 25kph may be ridden on the Hurtwood.

They also confirmed that FoH maintain Public liability insurance appropriate to there needs.


SPC agenda items relating to the Village:

Signs to try to assist in stopping HGV from using the Village roads as a short cut.

Housing providers for Peaslake Farm.


GBC have said that it has to find cuts in some services up to 86% which will have an impact on road maintenance amongst others.


Any other Business

The Fair Committee intend to distribute the proceed of the fair to the named benefactors at our next meeting.

Setting up a funding for a wooden gate outside the Hall was proposed by Mrs Heyes.

Clearing of pathway prior to the winter was asked for.


Date of next meeting:  Monday 6th November 2017 at 8pm.


PCC Minutes – 11th June 2012

Peaslake Community Council

Open Forum for Residents.  

Minutes of the Meeting of the 11 June 2012.


A warm welcomed was extended to all who attended.  Apologies were given from three residents.

Matters arising from the last meeting included a note from SPC saying that Surrey CC are now requiring very detailed information on highway problems. Therefore the Blocked drain on the Ewhurst Road and metal stakes on the footpath by the Hurtwood Inn will have to be resubmitted with more concise positions.

Over the last four weeks regrettably, Peaslake has had a spate of robberies with garden machinery being targeted.  This includes ride on mowers, hedge cutters and chain saws. Two cars were also stolen from a house in Sweet Lane. Consequently please be on the look out for vans or large vehicles in unusual places at night or someone looking over fences during the day. Anything suspicious should be reported to the Police.


A thank you also to all who helped put the bunting and flags up prior to the event, it was noted that none of the three prominent Village commercial enterprises put any of there own up but relied on the PCC to do so.

A vote of thanks was given to Christine Harrison and her committee for the splendid four days of Jubilee Celebrations activities with a reported 200 residents attending the “street party” and the Jazz evening being over subscribed. A good number of complements have been received and the feedback appears to be very positive that the events were enjoyed by those attending. Pictures of the event can be viewed and purchased from Brian Simmons =Google  peaslake pics.

The August Bank holiday Village Fair organisation is well under way so please do not forget to put the 29th in your diaries. The Jazz Band and Morris Dancers have been booked.  If you know anyone who might be interested in helping sponsoring the fair please contact Christine.



Brian C. queried the posting of minutes on the website and the software used.

Richard L. mentioned the Hall AGM.

Christine H. reminded residents about the coffee morning at the OSR to raise money for new curtains.

 Lastly untaxed cars left in the village car park.


Our next meeting : 2nd July 2012.

By: Michael Urban

Peaslake Fair Pictures

Thanks to the efforts or all our valiant organisers and the weather gods smiling on us, the Fair attracted a marvellous turnout of visitors and I'm pleased to say that I too had a most enjoyable day fulfilling the brief I was given to do the photography for the event, in particular the opening ceremony by The Mayor.

I spent the afternoon on site, initially taking photos of most of the various stalls in all their splendour before they had been 'hit' by the visitors. Throughout the afternoon I captured a variety of images of the various activities including some of the 'doggy' events, the Morris dancing, face painting, the coconut stall, and quite a lot of candid shots that may or not be welcomed by the individuals concerned. (Nothing untoward at all really)

The images have now been uploaded to a FLICKR site that I created especially for the event and can easily be viewed on-line.

Simply google 'Peaslake Pics' and go to Flickr – Peaslake Pics – Photostream to see the whole collection.

It is important to remember a couple of things.

These images are of very low resolution and cannot be printed out at any appreciable size – so they should only be regarded as 'proofs'.

Secondly all the images bear my digital copyright and I would appreciate being asked rather than anyone atempting to reproduce them without my consent.

I have High resolution originals for all the images which can easily be cropped down to pictures of individuals or printed out as high quality prints if required.

I think some of the candid shots, particularly of the children, would make quite nice mementos of the day and if anyone would like to discuss an individual image and how it might best be enhanced, reproduced etc., please do give me a call on 01306 730 547 or e-mail me on .

Thank you

Brian Simmons

By: Brian Simmons

Minutes of PCC Meeting Oct 1st 2011

Minutes of the Peaslake Community Council Meeting

Monday 3rd October 2011




Michael Urban (Chairman and Parish Councillor) welcomed all the residents who were present.

Those attending:

Marion Taylor-Cotter (Treasurer  & Parish Councillor), Brian Cohen (Parish Councillor), Richard Lewis (Chairman of the Village Hall Committee), Nick Edwards (Secretary of the Badminton Soc.), Anne Heyes, Jim Heyes (Friends of the Hurtwood Representative), Polly Nicholson, James Cobb (School Representative), Kate Edwards, Jane Walters ( WI Representative), Jim Collin, Gill Lucken (Treasurer for the Village Fair) Christine Harrison ( Chairman of Village Fair), Helen Mills, Colin Mills, Karen Clifford, David Clifford, Suzanne Cain.


Apologies were sent by Julie Barham and Nick Wells.


Treasurer’s Report

Marion said report was the same as last month – nothing outstanding to be paid.


Village Summer Fair Report


Christine said it was a team effort putting on the fair and thanked all those that had helped. There had been a slight increase in the money raised and this year they had sold out of the 300 programmes that had been produced.

Gill Lucken gave a Financial Summary of the Fair. She then gave cheques to Peaslake School and Peaslake Memorial Hall for £1550.00 and a cheque for £345 to the Friends of the Hurtwood.

Richard Lewis thanked Christine for all her hard work in making the fair a success.


Julie Barham on behalf of the Peaslake WI had emailed Michael Urban with regard to the School Field. It was felt that some of the school activities were treading on the toes of other village stalls. The WI and the Village Hall feel that they are losing revenue as the school now has a produce stall and tombola. Christine Harrison suggested that Representatives of the Hall, WI, School and any other interested group meet before the next Fair to discuss these matters.


Christmas Evening

Marion Taylor-Cotter said that Bobby Knott has agreed once more to organize this event which will be on Thursday 15th December.




Community Speed Watch

Michael Urban has finally got hold of the Casualty Reduction Officer and they are having a meeting on Wednesday 5th October at 9am.


Village Matters and Concerns for the Shere Parish Council

Footpaths and gulleys along Peaslake Lane and Purser’s Lane need attention.

Still waiting for signs for Walking Bottom Car Park.

Can we have new footpath sign at Quaker’s Orchard?




Cyclist Helmet Lights

Jim Collin asked about the feedback on his request for information n the cyclist’s helmet lights. No response as yet.


Friends of the Hurtwood

Jim Heyes reported that Surrey will not be funding the Hurtwood after 2013 which means that 20% of their funding will disappear. They are trying to raise revenue by increasing the number of Friends (this has already risen from 450 to 550) and they are considering making a charge for parking in Walking Bottom Car Park.

Two activities to mention –

Green and Clean Sunday on the 16th of October

Warfare on the Hurtwood – A Talk by Judy English at the Shere Village Hall on Friday 4th November.


Name Change Issue

Brian Cohen raised the matter of changing the name of the Peaslake Community Council. He pointed out that government policy has now made it possible for Parish Councils to change their name to a Community Council if they wish and although Shere has no plans to do this he pointed out that this had been an issue for a number of years. People are confused by the title and often think it is an elected body whereas it fact it is a monthly meeting for residents to air their views and pass on any information regarding clubs and other activities.

It was suggested that residents put forward suggestions for a new name and that it be voted on at the next meeting.


Old School Room

Christine Harrison hoped it would be ready by Christmas.


The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee June 2nd,3rd,4th and 5th 2012

Christine asked for suggestions as to which would be the best day for a Street Party to celebrate this event and it was decided to choose the Sunday.


Next Meeting:  Monday 7th November

Community Council minutes – July 2011

Residents met on the 4th July at the Memorial Hall due to the closure of the old school rooms which are still awaiting renovation.

The predominant subject was the village fair, sourcing road signs for same and the logistics of parking and clearing up after the event.

The Peaslake 2012 calendar is due back from the printers this Friday and expected to sell for £10.

Also discussed was whether the Community Council should change its name to better reflect its purpose.

Our next meeting is Monday the 5th September at the Memorial Hall Peaslake.

Now available – Peaslake Calendar 2012

The new Peaslake Calendar is now available for purchase. This first edition is limited to just 150 copies, and the price is £10. All profits will go to the Peaslake Community Fund. Please call David Morton on 01306 730235 to reserve your copy. You can view a sample month here.

Community Council Meeting – topics for discussion

Here's a list of topics which currently come up for discussion at the monthly Community Council Meeting.

  • Impact of Mountain Biking
  • Planning for Summer Fair
  • Re-naming of 'Peaslake Community Council'

Feel free to make your own suggestions too.