The Peaslake Community Council in its 61st year The Peaslake Community Council was originally formed in 1945 to welcome soldiers from the war and assist in their repatriation into civilian life. Over the years it has evolved into a village forum for discussing matters of concern and interest in and around Peaslake. It is open to all Peaslake villagers and generally meets on the first Monday of every month in the Old Schoolroom opposite the Village Hall at 8.15 pm. The Council has a Chairman and Treasurer. The meetings are fairly informal, but they are a good opportunity to hear about local matters from others who are connected to bodies such as the County Council, the Parish Council, the Police, Hurtwood Control and the like. They are also a good opportunity for those wishing to raise local matters that really concern them and for which there is no other forum. The council has no powers, but does have a voice, and its views are transmitted to the relevant local bodies that may be influenced by it. During the past year or so, subjects that have been discussed have included the following:

  • The condition of roads and footpaths
  • The control of vehicles passing through the village at excessive speed;
  • The Peaslake Christmas Evening
  • Play areas and matters related to the School
  • The Peaslake Fair
  • The problems caused by the popularity of the area for mountain biking
  • Planning matters and affordable housing
  • Village signs and road markings

The Council can only survive and be a useful attribute to the village if it is supported. Please come and participate in your local village and its life.