Community Council Minutes 4th February 2019


Meeting held on Monday 4thFebruary, 2019 in Old School Room at 8.00pm

The Meeting was Chaired by Julie Barham and attended by 20 Peaslakers

 Present:  Julie Barham, Sally & Nick Bray, Jane Cobbett, Andy Clayton, Jim Collin, Cyndie Gould, Christine Harrison, Anne & Jim Hayes, Marion Jones, Julie Knight, Lowell Kyle, David Mercer, Gerry Reffo, Deb Stevens, Marion Taylor-Cotter, Michael Urban, Mark & Janette Weller.

Apologies:  Jeff Jones, Caroline Earle, Laura Loughlin, Helen Mills, Adrienne Golightly, Martyn Warrell.

Treasurer’s Report

Marion Taylor-Cotter reported that the balance as at 4thFebruary 2019 was £816.60.

Matters Arising from January 2019 Meeting

  1. Letter and messages of thanks have been sent to Bobby Knott, Digby & Elspeth Hulme, Peter Knight & team for all their help with the village Christmas.
  2. Replies received from Surrey County Council & Compass Bus Company explaining that the withdrawal of services are down to lack of funds and a 3-month period of assessment showed not enough people used it.
  3. Nick Bray reported that he had spoken to Howard (Bike Shop) regarding how to resolve the issue of large vehicles parking on the bend next to the shop and causing traffic problems. Howard said their owners get very angry if asked to move their vehicle!  Ideas are being discussed to alleviate this problem.

Reports from Village Organisations– No new Reports this period.

 Village Fair 2019

The beneficiaries of the fair were decided at January’s Community Council meeting, and they met on 21stJanuary to decide the percentage each organisation would receive, namely 30% each to Peaslake Village School, Village Memorial Hall and The Friends of the Hurtwood, with the remaining 10% to Shere & Peaslake Scout Group.

A vigorous discussion followed regarding the Village Fair. Julie Barham read out the only names she had been given so far which, unfortunately, is not enough people to form a Fair Committee.   Julie Knight, who worked tirelessly along with other members of the Fair Committee in 2018, has kindly offered to advise the list of jobs entailed but is unable to Chair or be a Member of the Committee this year. More volunteers are urgently needed to take on the challenging tasks of organising and enabling this year’s Fair to take place.  The next meeting of the Fair Committee will be on Monday, 11thFebruary 2019.

Shere Parish Council– Gerry Reffo  gave an update of the following items:-

Peaslake Farm Update– Greenoak Housing Association have revised the development design in response to villagers’ views. Details were passed around. A detailed reply will be sent to everyone who contributed views. The  plan is to build 8 properties –  a mix of one and two bedroom homes. Completion is now scheduled for late 2020. A traffic management plan will be put in place before construction starts.

Important: Residents who would like to be considered for a property mustregister annually on the Guildford Housing Register. At the moment there are only 4 residents on the Register. Anyone not on the Register won’t be considered.

 Flooding– Shere Parish Council meeting on 5thMarch  will consider whether the flooding problems identified in Peaslake are likely to be exacerbated by the Peaslake Farm development. Greenoak will provide details of the housing development impact on the surface water and sewage systems. Shere Parish Council will report on the latest position from Thames Water and Surrey County Council. Residents will have the opportunity to give their views on whether the flooding concerns have been adequately dealt with before the Council votes on whether to continue the development.

 Gomshall Crossing  Network rail will start work on the surface on 25thMarch.

Mackies Hill– The pothole half way up the road has been filled in. Peaslake Councillors are pushing for resurfacing of the road.

 Farney Lane – Torrells Footpath. SPC are talking to GBC about establishing a full footpath.

 Old School Roombank and wall damage – SPC to arrange regular mowing and signage warning cyclists not to cycle up the bank.

Steps Plaws Hill footpath to Radnor RoadThe landowner is kindly funding repair of the steps. Work to take place in February.

 Cemetery Pathreinstating run offs to reduce village flooding: SPC talking to landowners.

 Walking Bottom Car Park– Surrey CC have dug out ditch on the side of the road.

 Playground– new chains on the swings.

 The Community Council

 – asked for 30 new traffic conesfor Peaslake to be allocated between the Hall, the Old School Room and for use on the road outside the cycle shop.

– They supported SPC funding for the Swimming Pool, and for the Doctors Surgery car parkincluding getting permission to use the land opposite to provide more car parking.

-They approved siting a school sign to the left of the Scudges but asked for it to be smaller than planned.

New Issues:

  1.  Replenish salt in salt bins.
  2. Reinstate the ditch at the top of Pursers Hill.
  3. Review ditch opposite Appletrees and notify landowner if it needs digging out.
  4. A resident broke his ankle walking on the uneven footpath between Torrells and Farney Lane. Report to SPC and GBC to accelerate repair work.

 Peaslake Community Fund

David Mercer, on behalf of Peaslake Community Fund, explained how the Fund works and those who had benefitted so far.  The Projects it can help with include start-ups and updating ongoing repairs when existing funds are low. The Community Fund exists from donations and the interest on its £32K investment.  It is always on the lookout for projects to help and is open to suggestions.

ANY OTHER BUSINESSNo new items this meeting.

 The Meeting closed at 21.30hrs

Date of Next Meeting:   Monday 4 March, 2019 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall.


Community Council minutes 7th January 2019


Meeting held on Monday 7thJanuary 2019 in Peaslake Memorial Hall at 8.00pm

The meeting was chaired by Nick Bray and attended by 16 Peaslakers



Present:  Julie Barham, Nick Bray, Sally Bray, Andy Clayton, Jim Collin, Sara Dangerfield, Caroline Earle, Christine Harrison, Anne Heyes, Jim Heyes, David Mercer, Marion Taylor-Cotter, Michael Urban, Martyn Warrell,  Mark Weller, Janette Weller,

Apologies:   Peter Copping, Bill Egerton, Adrienne Golightly, Cyndie Gould, Zoe Horton, Marion & Jeff Jones, Julie Knight, Laura Laughlin, Gerry Reffo, Tony Robinson, Deb Stevens.

Nick welcomed everybody.  All those attending introduced themselves and, as appropriate, what organisation they represented.

Treasurer’s Report

Marion Taylor-Cotter reported that the balance as at 1stJanuary was £753.43.  The bucket collection at the Christmas Evening raised £215.18, the only expense being the £50 cost of the Christmas Cake.  The other outgoing was the hire of the hall for the past quarter of £30.  Power for the lighting of the outside Christmas Tree had again been kindly provided by Elspeth and Digby Hulme, and our grateful thanks go to them.

Estimated future expenditure is £530 for insurance and £120 for hire of the hall.  As there will be a surplus, Marion proposed that the Community Council  might like to give a donation of £50 to the hall towards their fund-raising efforts, not least in recognition that the  £10 hire charge per meeting is a very advantageous rate. The meeting agreed to this donation.

Matters Arising from December 2018 minutes

These were included under later Agenda items.


Peaslake School  (Sara Dangerfield)

There was some concern over future pupil numbers with fewer younger families moving into the village.

St Mark’s Church  (Anne Heyes)

The re-ordering of the back of the church, and subsequent decoration is commencing 21stJanuary.  Some services may be affected but any changes will be announced in good time.

Peaslake Memorial Hall  (Michael Urban)

The front hedge is going to be cut back, which will improve sight lines for vehicles exiting the hall car park.  Martin Nicholson will be doing this soon.

Royal British Legion  – Women’s Section    (Marion Taylor-Cotter)

A fund-raising quiz is being held in the Old School Room on Saturday 26thJanuary; numbers to be confirmed by 14thJanuary.

Not-the-W.I.   (Julie Barham)

Past members intend to meet on an informal basis in the Old School Room, certainly for the next few months.  The first meeting is on 10thJanuary at 2pm, when plans for future meetings will be discussed.  The WI Mah Jong Group will morph into the Peaslake Mah Jong Group and continue to meet on the third Thursday of the month in the Old School Room at 2pm.  It will be open to men and women, and tuition given to beginners.


Peaslake  Christmas Evening.

The evening had been very successful, and generally the early start was popular.  However, 20thDecember was very close to Christmas which meant some families were already away.  Information regarding safety exits etc., refreshments, donations, and most important the arrival of Father Christmas hadn’t  been announced at the start, which meant that some families left early and Santa had lots of leftover presents; also donations were down on previous years. There were lots of good acts and Bobby Knott was to be congratulated on putting on another very good show.  A letter would be written on behalf of the Community Council.

Peaslake Players:  “The Sound of Music”  5th–9th February

Nearly all the tickets have been sold; some songs were showcased at the Christmas Evening.

Peaslake Village Fair 2019

Four applications to be beneficiaries of the Fair had been received. These were from Peaslake School, Peaslake Memorial Hall, the Friends of the Hurtwood, and Shere & Peaslake Scouts and Guides.

It was agreed at December’s meeting that the Fair Committee would be made up of  representatives from the beneficiary organisations.  To this end, they will get together before the next Community Council meeting and report back.  No decision was made regards the percentage each organisation would receive and this would be left to the organising committee and the contribution each was making. It was suggested that a notice could be put up in the shop asking if anyone would like to help with the Fair.

Parking was a problem last year.  It was suggested that if Greenoak Housing Association had cleared the plot at Peaslake Farm, this perhaps could be used, with the WASP bus running a shuttle service along Ewhurst Road.



Our Parish Councillors, Gerry Reffo and Adrienne Golightly, were unable to attend so had emailed feedback on the General Purposes issues raised at the last meeting

Farney Lane to Torrells footpath:  SPC to look at the path and report to the General Purposes Committee on 16thJanuary.

Apple Tree Cottage:  SPC have spoken to the residents and they will prune the hedge when it is next cut this Spring.  Additionally, the Clerk noticed the lack of Give Way markings on the junction next to Apple Tree Cottage, and has reported this to Surrey Highways.

Gomshall Level Crossing:  SPC will again chase up Network Rail who need to do their work on the crossing first. Highways filled in some holes as an interim measure but they are opening up again.  Apparently some works in Chilworth have delayed Network Rail.

Hoe House Fence:  The Clerk has updated the Enforcement Officer again and he is due to visit. There should be an update at the Planning or full Council Meeting.

Badger Damage:  Gerry will send updated photos to the Clerk.

Redirection of water off the Hurtwoodto reduce flooding in the village centre:  A site meeting was held with the Clerk, Mark Beaumont (FoH ranger) and Jon Moon.   It looks like clearing the channels on the left-hand side (going down) of the footpath down to the church would take some of the water away from flowing into the village.   The Ranger and the Clerk agreed to consult the landowners to see if they would contribute to the cost of the work.  An update is expected for the General Purposes Committee on 16thJanuary.

Drainage channels on Radnor Road:  These have been cleared.

Footpath across Plaws Hill:   Adrienne reported the broken step to the Parish Council and sent photos.  A contractor has been to see the steps and a warning has been placed.

Cycle Damage to the Bank– Walking Bottom to the Church:  This has been reported again to SPC and photos sent.  It will be discussed at the General Purposes Committee on 16thJanuary.

Adrienne said she will raise the fact at this meeting that as the General Purposes Committee only meets at six-monthly intervals, this causes unacceptable delays in dealing with maintenance issues.

Other issues raised:

Allotments behind the Memorial Hall.  Jim Collin reported that there was a meeting soon, and arrangements would be finalised.

Peaslake Farm.  It was hoped Greenoak would be organising clearance of the site by June.

Cemetary fencing.  David Mercer reported that some of the fencing was down, and deer were getting into the cemetary.  Marion Taylor-Cotter said she would bring it up at the Church property meeting on 8thJanuary.

For Shere Parish Council.  Complaints about the potholes on Mackies Hill, and the very poor road surface.

Reduction in the No. 25 Bus Service through Peaslake– details were in the January Parish Magazine.  The Community Council would write a letter to the bus company.

Surrey Union Hunt –Caroline Earle spoke strongly against the action of the Hunt.  In view of comments in December’s minutes, it was agreed that personal letters of objection should be sent  at this time, but if there was any recurrence,  the Community Council would write then.

Future of the Community Council/Potential re-naming:  While the objectives of the meeting were being achieved and attendance numbers remained stable,  the  Community Council would continue for the time being with a “Rolling Chair”.   Cyndie Gould offered to take the chair at later meetings and Jim Collin would get in touch with her.   There was discussion about renaming, which everyone thought was a good idea, but none of the suggestions  met with much enthusiasm, so the name will stay the same – for the time being anyway!



Topic of Interest.   Julie Barham suggested that there might be at each meeting, a short talk (five minutes) about a local organisation, a new initiative, or something else!  To this end, David Mercer will speak next month about the Peaslake Community Fund– what it is, how it started, what it’s used for.

Cyclists and Vans.  Concern was expressed about vans parked close to the cycle shop which impeded views of the road ahead; also the number of cycles displayed in the road and cyclists gathered around that area, again impeding views and progress.  In addition some cyclists seemed to forget that the road is a public one used by pedestrians and motorists as they did wheelies and other manoeuvres!  Nick Bray said he would speak to Howard about the parked vans.  It was suggested that if anyone has had a particular problem about parked vehicles or the cyclists, they could report this to our local PCSO.


Nick thanked all those who had attended, enabling another good meeting. The meeting ended at 9.30pm.


Date of Next Meeting: Monday 4thFebruary 2019                                                          NB/JB/12.1.19

Community Council minutes 3rd December 2018



Meeting held on Monday 3rdDecember, 2018 in Peaslake Memorial Hall at 8.00pm

The meeting was chaired by Christine Harrison and attended by 18 Peaslakers


Present:  Julie Barham, Nick Bray, Sally Bray, Jim Collin, Christine Harrison, Anne Heyes, Jim Heyes, Marion Jones, Jeff Jones, Jane Carpenter, Jo Rennison, Cyndie Gould, Gerry Reffo, Adrienne Golightly, Deb Stevens, Bobby Knott, Martyn Warrell, Georgie Shoesmith.

Apologies:  Marion Taylor-Cotter, Sally Price, Julie Knight, Sara Dangerfield, Jenny Janse, Laura Loughlin, David Pickford, Andy Clayton.

Christine welcomed everybody.  All those attending introduced themselves and, as appropriate, what organisation they represented.  Gerry Reffo and Adrienne Golightly attended for the Parish Council.

Treasurer’s Report

In Marion Taylor-Cotter’s absence Christine Harrison reported that, with the Peaslake Fair insurance repayment of £499.70, the Treasurer’s report showed a balance on 1stDecember, 2018, of £681.25.

Matters Arising from November 2018 minutes

Problems with drainage/debris from the car park at Walking Bottom

Jim Heyes reported that he had spoken to Mark Beaumont about this matter. Mark had confirmed that he had plans to construct channels on either side of the entrance to direct the water into the existing Peaslake drainage system. Money was in the budget for this work, which would be carried out in the near future.

“Peaslake Remembers” on the 10thNovember, 2018.

Jeff Jones wished it to be recorded that this event, organised by the Royal British Legion, was a huge success and represented Peaslake at its best. In particular, Cyndie Gould noted that much of this success was due to the sterling efforts of Richard Sherlock. It was agreed that a letter recording this should be sent to Paul Carter of the British Legion. Julie Barham agreed to undertake this.


Garden Society(Marion and Jeff Jones)

A good meeting had been held on the 8thNovember, but no one had come forward as a potential committee member.The flower troughs by the bus shelter were planted up with red flowers for the “Peaslake Remembers” event as reported last month. They will now be emptied, lined and prepared for the winter, ready for re-planting in the spring.

Peaslake Lunch Group  (Christine Harrison)

As reported last month, the Christmas Lunch is being held at Ridgmount on 5thDecember.

Peaslake School

No report this month.

Royal British Legion

No report this month, but see Jeff Jones’s remarks above on the success of the “Peaslake Remembers” event.



W.I.  (Julie Barham)

The last meeting is being held on 6th December, after which the branch will close, having been in existence for 100 years.

The Church(Anne Heyes)

Interviews for the new Rector are being held this week. There are currently two potential candidates being considered.

The Memorial Hall(Jim Collin)

The installation of new LED roof lights is currently being costed. In addition, Graham Carter (Hall Committee and badminton player) is to test this type of light to ensure that it is suitable for this application. The work will be carried out before February. The hall floor will also be sanded, cleaned, re coated and relined. The Hall would be closed for two weeks in February whilst these works are being carried out. All other works will be carried out around bookings.It was noted that the castors on the piano were failing, making it impossible to move it. New castors were now being sourced.

Village Events

Peaslake Fair.

As noted in the November meeting minutes, it has been recommended that advertising for Fair Beneficiaries ought to be carried out early in the New Year and that representatives from these organisations should make up the Fair Committee. It was resolved that the report to the Parish Magazine should make this point in time for the January edition of the magazine.

Christmas Trees.                                                                                                                                                                             – The outside Christmas tree is to be erected at the beginning of December, and lights put on.  Peter Knight and Dave Colebrook have been contacted and are on the case. Deb Stevens will talk to Digby and Elspeth Hulme about the electrical supply.

–The Hall Christmas tree has been erected and partially decorated in good time for various Christmas events in the hall. Additional decoration is being organised (Jim Collin)

Peaslake Christmas Evening.  (Bobby Knott)

The evening will be on Thursday 20thDecember and will start at 7pm. There will be no interval and it is anticipated that the entertainment will finish at around 9 pm. There will still be a Santa at the end of the show. Teas, coffees, cake etc. will be served after the show has finished. Julie Barham will notify the Villagers Group of the new arrangements. Aaron Taylor-Cotter has made the Christmas Cake and the WI will supply the mince pies. Any suitable decorations for the Hall would be welcomed.

The Sound of Music(Bobby Knott)

The show will run from the 5thto the 9thFebruary. Some 200 tickets have already been sold. Bobby has assembled a very exciting cast, including some professionals, the most notable playing the role of Maria and who has West End experience. The children will be played by two groups of kids in order to reduce the onus on the families. Tickets may be obtained by accessing the Peaslake Players website.


Gerry Reffo and Adrienne Golightly reported as follows:

–  Allotments: meetings have been held with all of the interested residents and things are moving ahead.

–  Footpath clearance from Farney Lane to Torrells: This work has still not been carried out. It was suggested that widening the path would help as this would spread the wear and tear over a larger area and help to maintain the path’s integrity. A request to this effect had been submitted.

–  Greenoak Housing Association has confirmed that a transport plan would be put in place, and would form part of the planning application.

–  Tarmac track up to the Cemetery.  A site meeting is being arranged, hopefully to include the presence of Jonathan Moon. Anne Heyes suggested that it was important for the village to ascertain what proportion of the maintenance of the track was the responsibility of the church. With respect to the drainage of water off this track, it was thought that a similar method to that used successfully on Radnor Road might be employed.

–  Assistant to the Parish Clerk: The position has now been filled.

– Vegetation encroachment of the road at Pursers Hollow: It was reported that this had been raised with SCC, who consider it not to be a priority. However, the SPC will continue to raise it with them.

– Road surface by the level crossing: Network Rail have responsibility for a narrow strip of roadway on either side of the crossing. It was considered that there was no point in resurfacing the adjacent portions until Network Rail carry out this work. Network Rail do not seem to regard this work as a priority. A number of people at the meeting pointed out that the current situation is unacceptable and there was a clear risk of injury to cyclists at this crossing, apart from the damage being caused to road traffic. The SPC would be raising it with Network Rail again.

– The hedge at Apple Tree Cottage is now some 60cms into the road and obstructing the ditch.  The ditch needs to be re-instated: This had been raised with Council, but the outcome needed to be checked.


Hoe House fencing: Jo Rennison raised the matter of the new fence which has been erected around part of the land owned by Hoe House. This is a tall metal fence and prevents deer crossing its line. Unfortunately, this is causing a degree of mortality to the deer population because the deer enter the Hoe House land from adjacent properties and then find themselves trapped. To date three deer have died, two inside the fence, and one stuck in the fence itself.

A number of people have gone to the house and spoken to the owner’s wife, but she does not seem to feel that there is any problem. A simple solution would be to fence in the whole estate in a similar fashion so that there is no access for deer.

Adrienne Golightly stated that this matter would be brought up at a planning meeting and Guildford Borough Council would be notified.

Surrey Union Hunt (SUH): a number of people raised the matter of the control of the SUH hounds. On one occasion a group had apparently split off and had been seen chasing a deer, prior to being recalled. On another occasion, groups of hounds had been found roaming around in the centre of the village. It was agreed that a suitably worded message should be sent to the Hunt to raise their awareness of the village’s concerns.[1]

Finally, Christine thanked all those who had attended.  The meeting ended at 9.15pm.


Date of Next Meeting: Monday 7thJanuary, 2019, In The Village Hall                                        RNB/JB/07.12.18

All Peaslakers welcome to attend!

[1]Subsequently, however, a report in the press stated that the SUH were already being accused of killing a fox (an accusation which was apparently denied because it was alleged that a dead fox had been fed to the hounds.) In view of this it is not considered helpful for the proposed contact with the hunt to be made at this time.

Community Council minutes 5th November 2018



Meeting held on Monday 5thNovember 2018 in Peaslake Memorial Hall at 8.00pm

The meeting was chaired by Jim Collin and attended by 22 Peaslakers


Present:  Julie Barham, Nick Bray, Sally Bray, Jim Collin,  Sara Dangerfield, Beverley Harrap, Christine Harrison, Anne Heyes, Jim Heyes, Marion Jones, Julie Knight, Sam McCormick, David Mercer, David Pickford, Sally Price, Tony Robinson, Suzanne Rogers, Marion Taylor-Cotter, Michael Urban, Mark Weller, Janette Weller, Jane Williams

Apologies:  Sandy Eve, Adrienne Golightly, Zoe Horton, Jeff Jones, Gerry Reffo, Deb Stevens, Martyn Warrell.

Jim welcomed everybody.  All those attending introduced themselves and, as appropriate, what organisation they represented, including all of the Peaslake Fair Committee.  Beverley Harrap attended for the Parish Council.

Treasurer’s Report

Marion Taylor-Cotter reported that the balance as at 1stNovember 2018 was £181.55

Matters Arising from October 2018 minutes

Future of Peaslake Community Council                                                                                                                                 Julie reported that following her request for feedback on the past couple of meeting, comments received so far had been favourable, though differing views were expressed on the length of meetings and the minutes.  There were five people who had agreed to take the chair at the meetings: Anne Heyes, Julie Barham, Jim Collin, Christine Harrison (December) and Nick Bray (January). Offers to be notetakers were still needed.  Comments, suggestions and offers of help, eg with social media, still very welcome, though further discussion and any decisions wouldn’t be happening until the New Year.


Garden Society(Marion Jones)

– The AGM is on 8thNovember in Shere Village Hall.   New committee members are needed.                                      –  The flower troughs will be planted up with red flowers for the “Peaslake Remembers”  event.

Peaslake Lunch Group  (Christine Harrison)

– The monthly lunches in the Old School Room have been well attended.                                                                         –  The Christmas Lunch will be at Ridgmount on 5thDecember

Peaslake School  (Suzanne Rogers, Sara Dangerfield)

The MTBO in October was very successful, despite the weather. The next one will be in April 2019.

Royal British Legion  (Sally Price)                                                                                                                                                 –  Sally reported on the “Peaslake Remembers” commemoration.  A carpet of poppies has been laid over the heather on the War Memorial, and there is a Trail of Poems at various points in the village centre.  The main event is on Saturday 10thNovember, and will commence at 1.40 with the ringing of the church bells, followed by the Suffragette March from Pond Lane car park to the Memorial Hall. The hall will be decorated as it could have been 100 years ago and hopefully those attending will be in costume too. Donated food, as for a street party, will be laid out on trestle tables and there will be a bar and hot drinks. Proceedings will officially start at 2.00pm.  Entertainment will be provided by Peaslake Free School and the Duke of Kent School, with the Peaslake Players performing a “Good Old Days Music Hall”                                                                                                                               –  The RBL Women’s Section will hold their AGM in the Old School Room on 7thNovember

W.I.  (Beverley Harrap)

The 100thAnnual Meeting of Peaslake WI was held on 1stNovember; sadly there were no nominations for committee members so the branch has to go into suspension.  The last meeting will be held on 6th December.

Village Events

Peaslake Fair.

Julie Knight reported that the Fair had again been very successful , with fine weather and a good atmosphere; however, not quite as much had been raised this year despite more people than ever attending.  She presented cheques to the beneficiaries – £1,200 each to Peaslake Memorial Hall, Peaslake Free School,  Friends of the Hurtwood and £400 for the Peaslake Community Fund.   Julie said she’d had a brilliant Committee and thanked them all for their hard work and support.  Feedback after the Fair had been very positive, except for problems with the parking.  Recommendations for next year included advertising early in the New Year for beneficiaries, and these organisations’ representatives should make up the Fair Committee.  Various other suggestions were discussed and these would be passed on for next year.

The meeting thanked Julie and the Fair Committee for all their hard work and commitment, which was much appreciated.

Christmas Trees.                                                                                                                                                                             – The outside Christmas tree needs to be erected at the beginning of December, and lights put on.  Peter Knight and Dave Colebrook would be contacted.                                                                                                                                – Jim Collin confirmed that he would be arranging for the Hall Christmas tree to be erected and decorated in good time for various Christmas events in the hall.

Peaslake Christmas Evening.  Thursday 20thDecember 7pm. Bobby Knott is organising the entertainment, Aaron Taylor-Cotter has made the Christmas Cake, the WI will supply the mince pies, and the Villagers Group provide the refreshments.  Help is needed for the donation buckets as people leave the hall.


Unable to attend, Gerry Reffo had emailed responses to matters brought up at the last meeting:                                            –  Allotments: meetings had been arranged with most of the interested residents.                                                         –  Footpath clearance from Farney Lane to Torrells: the Parish Clerk had been notified and it is being dealt with.  Michael Urban reported that the tarmac there is breaking up.                                                                                             –  Possible damage to Ewhurst Road bank when Peaslake Farm building works start had been raised with Greenoak Housing Association and they confirmed a transport plan would be put in place.  It was suggested that it should form part of the planning application.                                                                                                                      – Tarmac track up to the Cemetery.  The Parish Clerk had been requested to arrange a site meeting.  It was thought that the track is the joint responsibility of the Church and the Parish Council.  In the past, grants had been received from Guildford Borough Council.                                                                                                                      – Assistant to the Parish Clerk: there had been a good response to the advert and the Council are likely to ratify the appointment of the successful candidate soon.

Jim Collin noted concerns about:                                                                                                                                                 – Pursers Hollow, on the hill between Hoe Lane and Peaslake Farm, vegetation is spreading across the road  and narrowing the road;  would it be possible, since SCC’s budget has been severely cut, for some of the funds allocated to Peaslake to be used to pay for this.                                                                                                                      –  The hedge at Apple Tree Cottage is now some 60cms into the road and obstructing the ditch.  The ditch needs to be re-instated.                                                                                                                                                                            –   After heavy rain, a great amount of water and debris was coming off Walking Bottom Car Park.  Jim Heyes, on behalf of Friends of the Hurtwood, said he would speak to the Ranger, Mark Beaumont, about this.

Mark Weller reported that Burchetts Hollow was very overgrown.


Christine Harrison reminded everyone about the film crew coming to the village from Monday 12thNovember doing location work on the latest series of “The Durrells”; the filming is around the village centre and there will be traffic lights in Ewhurst Road.

Jim thanked all those who had attended, enabling another good meeting. The meeting ended at 9.30pm.

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 3rdDecember 2018                                                           JC/JB/17.11.18

Community Council minutes 1st October 2018



Meeting held on Monday 1st October 2018 in Peaslake Memorial Hall at 8.00pm

The meeting was chaired by Julie Barham and attended by 18 Peaslakers


Present: Julie Barham, Nick Bray, Sally Bray, Andrew Clayton, Jim Collin, Adrienne Golightly, Christine Harrison, Anne Heyes, Jim Heyes, Jeff Jones, Marion Jones, Laura Loughlin, Jon Moon, David Pickford, Gerry Reffo, Deb Stevens, Marion Taylor-Cotter, Martyn Warrell.

Apologies: Angela and Sarah Pickford, Chris Lewis and Jane Lee.


Julie welcomed everybody.  All those attending introduced themselves and, as appropriate, what organisation they represented.  Gerry Reffo and Adrienne Golightly attended for the Parish Council.

Treasurer’s Report

Marion Taylor-Cotter reported the balance as at 1stOctober 2018 was £181.55

Matters Arising from September 2018 minutes

Planning Application for Old Vine Cottage, Ewhurst Road.  The initial application has been turned down by Guildford Borough Council Planning Committee.

Allotments behind the village hall.  Gerry apologised for the lack of progress and will be in touch with interested residents again in October.

-The problem of grass cuttings on the greenbeing left behind in the stream.  Adrienne reported that changes to the existing grass cutting contract could be made when the new contract is negotiated; this could stipulate that the stream must be kept clear.

Village Events

Peaslake Fair.  Julie Knight will report on the Peaslake Fair at the November meeting when the monies will be presented to the beneficiaries.

Peaslake Christmas Evening.  Thursday 20thDecember starting at an earlier time of 7pm. Bobby Knott will once again organise the entertainment. Aaron Taylor-Cotter is to be asked if he will make the Christmas Cake.


Peaslake School  (Andy Clayton)

– The annual bike event (MTBO) in aid of school funds, will take place on Sunday 14thOctober.                 – Peaslake School open mornings will take place on 15thOctober and 26thNovember.                                  – The school will be involved in the RBL Remembrance Celebrations.                                                               – The Nursery Section of the school is working well; there are still some places available.

Garden Society(Jeff Jones)

There is a talk on “Container Planting” on Thursday 11thOctober at 8pm in the Old School Room.

Villagers Group(Adrienne Golightly)

The next meeting on 16thOctober will be a mini “Antiques Roadshow” with Andrew Hawkins.

Village Hall  (Jim Collin)

– The hall floor is to be sanded, sealed and remarked in February 2019.                                                            – A request has been made not to move the piano as the castors are broken and are digging into and damaging the floor.                                                                                                                                                    – A new noticeboard is to be purchased and research is underway to decide between one made of wood or one of aluminium, there being a considerable difference in price.


– The flower troughs by the bus shelterneed a new lining to prevent leakage which causes them to dry out.  Jeff and Marion Jones are willing to organise this, the cost being covered by the Parish Council.

– Jim Collin reported the bad state of the footpath between Farney Lane and Torrells:  this was noted by the Parish Councillors.

– Martyn Warrell and others in Ewhurst Road are concerned at the damage to the bank of the streambeing caused by large lorries and the buses needing to pass at times, especially when the building works start at Peaslake Farm.

– Adrienne Golightly informed us that there is £5000 of Parish Council moneythat could be made available for Peaslake projects, taking over some of the work that GBC do not have the funds to complete.

– It was reported that the tarmac track from the village up to the Cemetaryis in a poor state, especially at the top. Further discussion is needed between the Parish Council, Church PCC, and the Hurtwood as to the state of the road, and how to deal with water drainage from the hill.

– Gerry Reffo reported that the new Parish Clerk, Suzanne Hoyland, has settled in well and now needs a part-time assistant; this would be a great opportunity for an enthusiastic and well- organised person who needs to work flexibly, and she asked everyone to bring it to the attention of anyone they know who might be interested.


Julie Barham asked those present to think about the future of the Peaslake Community Council, especially as presently there is no permanent chairperson or secretary (note-taker); if there are sufficient volunteers to take on these roles on a “rolling basis” for the time being at least, this could work very well.  An initial discussion ensued covering rebranding (how modern!), change of name, new ideas for the meeting and encouraging more villagers to take part, perhaps an occasional afternoon meeting, and possibly refreshments.

Julie thanked all those who had attended, enabling another good meeting.  The meeting ended at 9.30pm.

Date of Next Meeting:  Monday 5thNovember 2018                                                           AH/JB/17.10.18

Community Council minutes 2nd July 2018

Peaslake Community Council.

Minutes of the meeting of the 2ndJuly 2018.

Matters outstanding;   Responses form SPC.

Work on the Railway crossing at Gomshall:– this will be attended to  by Network rail when they do other work on the railway crossing

Bank erosion towards Walking Bottom Car park– Planting to take place at some time.

Treasurers Report:  We have £232.69 in the account, The event insurance was paid last month (£499.70)  which should be reimbursed after the fair.

Village Matters:

 Reported foot paths overgrown,

Hedge at Apple Trees was overgrown and was perturbing into the road.

Chevron between Wonham way and Rad Lane need to be replaced.

The warning sign showing a bend by Wonham Way shows only one exit to the left when I fact there are two on that bend. Revised sign asked for.

Reflectors were required for the new barrier erected near Lenton Close.


Adrienne Golighly said SPC had ordered the tables mentioned in the last meeting for the three village halls.

It was asked when the Hall would notify people about allotments, Reported that Geraldine Reffo would be calling a meeting of all those how had enquired so that how much space was each person wanted could be seen.

Michael thanked both Marion  Taylor-Cotter and Jim Collin for all there help with the CC.  The CC will continue under a rolling chairman, more details in the next issue.


Date of next meeting:  3rd September 2018. At 8pm.

Community Council minutes 4th June 2018

Peaslake Community Council.

Minutes of the meeting of the 4thJune 2018.

Matters outstanding;   Responses form SPC.

Work on the Railway crossing at Gomshall:– this will be attended to  by Network rail when they do other work on the railway crossing

Bank erosion towards Walking Bottom Car park– the planting of shrubs has been REJECTED by the SPC General Purposes Committee instead brambles are to be trained into place.

News of waste bins – The cost of £300 per bins has been assessed as too expensive.

 Notices on the outside of the bus shelter near Farney Lane– this has been placed on the ‘action list’ – notices to be removed by SPC.

Treasurers Report:  The events insurance was paid on the 15 May £499.70 which should be reimbursed after the fair.

Village Matters:

Several  Residents  expressed concern about the number of planning applications relating to Quakers and Quakers Orchard and the new entrance to the property along Lawbrook Lane.  It was mentioned that a large area of hedge row will be lost also sections of the current raised bank would be levelled.

It was suggested that Residents, who would like to express an opinion, either for or against, to write to Guildford Borough Council and Shere Parish Council, so that their views can be taken into consideration.

Planning Ref:  18/P/00914  Quakers Orchard

Submissions need to arrive before the relevant planning meetings.


Cyndie Gould updated the developments of the wheelchair accessible car donated to our community by the Laffan family in Christine’s memory.  The plan still is for the car to be owned and run by the Surrey Hills CLT offering journeys for only wheelchair users and only for medical appointments.  Eventually the wheelchair accessible car will be available for friends and family use as well.  If anyone in a wheelchair needs a lift for a medical appointment, please ring Cyndie on 01306 731224 and leave a message.

A comment was make about the coverage of the fox in last months Parish Magazine being excessive.

Adrienne Golighly said SPC had ordered the tables mentioned in the last meeting for the three village halls.


Date of next meeting:  2ndJuly 2018. At 8pm.

Community Council minutes 14th May 2018

Peaslake Community Council.

 Minutes of the Meeting of the 14thMay 2018.

 Matters outstanding;

(5.3.18) Still awaiting Network rail to start the remedial work by the level crossing.

Farley Lane tarmac entry: on GBC program.

Walking bottom Banks: SPC to plant bushes to deter cyclists.

School footpath: Approved by SPC.

(9.4.18)  Extra litter bins: SPC Cllr: GR  not sure if we will get any.

Also reported dog waste bins cost £300. PA ea. To maintain. Extra Christmas lights; defered. Street sign clearing: defered.  Clearing ditch by Hoe Lane: defered. Cllr to mention that the reflectors on the barrier by Lentern Close face the wrong way.

Reminder that the Halls Car park will be closed on the 28thMay to preserve its rights.


Cllr GR reported that SPC would supply all three parish Village Halls with some tables so that they can hire/loan them to other village organizations.


MU reported that so far 10 residents had so far asked for allotments.

He said that in his opinion that was to many for the space behind the Hall. He asked Cllr.GR because of the interest from the community and has the response was only to one mention in the Parish Magazine  if SPC might be approached to consider having allotments on Peaslake Farm.  Cllr GR was against the idea saying  in her opinion if they were neglected the space might then be considered for building on.

Cllr GR went on to say that she will call a meeting of the 10 interested parties to see the land behind the hall could be proportioned and discussing cultivating the land and upkeep.


IF you would like to be considered for an allotment and have not already done so please contact MU by email michael@woodhousefarm.net


 JC  reported that a wooden spa was missing from the bus shelter at Lentern Close.

 Mrs Cindy Gould reported that The village had been kindly given a vehicle equipped for disabled persons along with an electric wheelchair.

Surrey Hills Community Trust had agreed to take care of it. Shere Surgery had shown an interest in its use three days a week, other uses were being considered.

MU again said he wanted to stand down from the Community Council in July, as he felt that after 12 years he had done enough. Regrettably so far no one had come forward to take it on.

If anyone would like to help please contact MU for details.


Date of next meeting: Monday 4thJune 2018 8.00pm.

Community Council minutes 9th April 2018

Peaslake Community Council.

Minutes of the Meeting of the 9thApril 2018.

Matters outstanding:

 Jeff and Marion Jones are looking after the planters near the bus shelter.

The following agreed at a site meeting with Highways:

1) Burrows Lane – Network Rail are going to do remedial works on the level crossing and will repair the road surrounding it. Surrey CC will do some tarmacking on the  stretch of road going up from the crossing to Peaslake.

2) Farney Lane – Surrey CC will tarmac the entrance to the footpath

3) Walking Bottom banks – SPC to plant holly and other prickly plants to stop cyclists mounting the banks. Surrey CC to clear ditches between the road and the car park.

4) Mackies Hill – Surrey CC to look at repairs and bringing forward planned work to resurface the road.

5) Bollard at bus stop village centre – now replaced by SPC.

No report yet from SPC about the School path.

Treasurers Report:

 No change from last month.

 Fair Allocation:

 After reading the submissions it was decided that any surplus from the fair would be divided as follows: 30% to the School, The Friends of the Hurtwood and the Hall. With the remaining 10% going to the Peaslake Community Fund.

Village Matters for SPC:

 Litter around the Village; litter bins for car parks required. Pond lane, Walking Bottom.

Street signs require cleaning,

Dog waste bins to help stop fouling on pavements and school field.

For the Village,Extra outside lights for Christmas.

Clearing Ditch by Hoe Lane.

Could reflectors be fitter to the new barrier by Lentern Close  so motorists are able to see the bend at night.

Reminder that the Halls car park will be closed on the 28thMay to preserve its rights.


Next Meeting:Monday 14thMay 2018 at 8pm.

Community Council meeting 8th March 2018

Peaslake Community Council

Minutes of the meeting of the 8th March 2018.

Matters arising from minutes: 

The Flower planters by Peaslake bus stop require attention, new flowers and perhaps soil.

Jim Heyes to ask The Gardening Society to see if anyone would be willing to take over the responsibility of replanting and maintaining them.

Clr. Adrienne Golightly  was also asked if SPC would be willing to take help with the upkeep and maintain the planters.

Fair Allocations for 2018: 

At the April PCC meeting the subject of beneficiaries of any proceed from the summer fair will be discussed.

If you wish to be considered for an allocation, please write to;  Julie Knight or Michael Urban, giving the name of your organisation and a brief detail of why the funds are required and the use they would be put to. There is a requirement that successful candidates have a Member on the fair committee.

Village matters:

Samples of crockery to be purchased for the Hall can be viewed in the Hall’s kitchen

Concerns for SPC:

PCC were asked for their views on the request for a concreted footpath to be built on SPC land, adjacent to the fencing, at the back of Peaslake School.  The meeting agreed that helping the School would be a good thing but that a legal agreement should be in place to ensure that the land remained SPC property.

Work around the Village.

SPC had taken on some of the maintenance work around the Village.   The drainage channels on Radnor road have been cleared, which should help to prevent water and debris collecting in the centre of the village.

Other works have been reported and are scheduled to be done.

There is to be a site meeting with Surrey County Council to discuss the bank erosion that is occurring between the Church and Walking Bottom Car Park, as well as, deep ruts at the side of the road from Lawbrook Lane to the Car Park.

Further work was reported and appropriate action will be taken.

Hedges needing cutting back:

  • Rad Lane near Apple Tree cottage:
  • Bamboo near Hazel Hatch

Bus stop Bollard – has any action been taken?

Councillors will advise PCC and Hall of any decision on the financing of the replacement  tables for the Village Hall, following the SPC Meeting on Tuesday.

Any other business:

Jim Collins mentioned that his latest Thames water Bill offers a rebate for properties with soakaways. (This is written in small print)

Michael Urban asked if anyone would like to take over the role of Chairman of the PCC  as he feels that after more than twelve years of doing this role he would like to stand down.


Date of next meeting, Monday 9thApril 2018 at 8pm.