Community Council minutes 8th January 2018

Minutes of the meeting of the 8thJanuary 2018.

1  Apologies for absence from M.T.C,  A.G. and M.U.

2  Matters outstanding from the last meeting minutes:

When the Hall buys new china, could it be white as this will match with items that hall users bring into the Hall.  The china the W.I. offered the Hall, was said to be green which could be used separately.

3 Treasurers report, The collection at the Village evening raised £296.03. less £40.00 for the cake therefore £256.03 was banked.

4 The Peaslake Village Fund Presented a  cheque to Christine Harrison representing the Peaslake Visitors and Lunch Group., (See Photo) Christine thanked the meeting for the cheque on behalf of The PVLG,

5 It was agreed that give Mr & Mrs Holmes a voucher in thanks for providing the electricity for the Village Christmas tree.

6 It was noted that the flower troughs by the bus shelter need some attention.

7  Items brought to the attention of SPC were;

The amount of cars parked in Peaslake Lane from the garage to the new house being built, left little space  for traffic to pass safely through,

Recent flooding through the village starting by the farm in Ewhurst Road and from Walking Bottom car park, SPC asked if they could let owners of water courses adjoining their properties know that they may require attention.

The dangerous condition of the road by the level crossing in Borrows Lane which also has a drain cover missing,

SPC reportedly have in hand the entrance to Farney Lane and the bank damage from Walking bottom car park down to the old school room.


Meeting closed at 21.00hrs


Next meeting Monday 5th February 2018 at 8.00pm.


Jim Collin.

Community Council minutes 4th December 2017

Minutes of the meeting of 4thDecember 2017.

Matters from the last meeting;

The Memorial Hall gate was raised and it was explained that the committee has decided to take professional advice or the forecourt and its usage.

The Memorial Hall heating was questioned it was explained that the committee are waiting for an up to date estimate of the cost of repairs which will be in the region of £2k.

The treasurer gave an update of the financial situation of the PCC.

The Memorials Halls Christmas tree is being put up on the 5th and help with it was requested.

Discussion about the H & S aspect of the Village Christmas tree was discussed It was decided that the insurance policy was to be checked to make sure everything was covered.

The viability of the Peaslake WI was raised as other local WI’s have closed, we were informed that it was in a very healthy state and membership has grown.

The Memorial Hall Committee was in the process of obtaining quotes in order to purchase cutlery and crockery for the use of Hall hirers.

A SPC councillor has offered to try to obtain funds to replace damaged tables and see if any extra ones can be purchased for the Village Fair.


Meeting closed at 20.45, next meeting 8th January 2018

Community Council minutes 6th November 2017

Minute of the PCC meeting of the 6thNovember 2017.

One apology for absence.

Matters outstanding :

Two attendees said that they did not like to see there names in the reports, and that reports should not mention who said this or that. It was also said that the reports were to long.

There was an retraction regarding starting a fund to change the gate.

The Halls three tables are still missing.

Treasurer reported that there was no change in the account.

Julie Knight* the chair of the Fair committee gave a report on the fair and the need for more volunteers on the day. Jane Williams* explained the accounts ,Julie then presented cheques to the School Friends of the Hurtwood and the Hall. A vote of thanks to Julie and her team was given.

Cllr Adrienne Golightly*  reported on the choice of the housing provider for the Peaslake Farm development (Greenoak) which was announced at the last SPC meeting.  Other issues to do with Peaslake Farm which Peaslake Councillors, along with SPC, are pursuing are the arrangements for leasing the fields and flooding in the village.   Some work has been done by Thames water, we continue to press for a satisfactory solution to be found.

Peaslake Councillors continue to report work that needs to be done around the village.  Funding cuts mean that progress, in some cases, is slow but sure!   A list is being compiled with SPC forwarding requests to GBC and SCC.

A resident has asked if SPC can assist with the removal of telegraph poles along the skyline above Dance a Ramics. Damage by MTB’s to the Verge and bank by The Old School Room and Church front were mentioned, with the question on how to prevent this.

A.O.B. The subject of the gate was raised. Some present thought incorrectly they have a right of way over the halls forecourt, another questioned time the gate is left was open for funerals and Church services, and another mentioned that they would approach GBC to get the hedge cut down so they could see over it.   it was explained that this had all been discussed at the September meeting and a report was in the Parish Magazine.  It was asked that the topic be raised at the next hall meeting.

Date of next meeting 4thDecember 2017.

*gave consent for their names to be used.

Community Council Minutes – 2nd October 2017

Peaslake Community Council

Minutes of the meeting held on the 2nd October 2017.


Matters arising from the last meeting.


We regret to report that the Hall has still not had returned the three tables missing since the fair. If by chance you do have them please do return them. (no questions asked)


The treasurer reported that the accounts were the same as last month. (£70.59)


Parish Cllr: Adrienne Golightly, informed us that SPC had had a reply from the Friends of the Hurtwood saying that E-bikes with a power less then 250w and a cut off speed of 25kph may be ridden on the Hurtwood.

They also confirmed that FoH maintain Public liability insurance appropriate to there needs.


SPC agenda items relating to the Village:

Signs to try to assist in stopping HGV from using the Village roads as a short cut.

Housing providers for Peaslake Farm.


GBC have said that it has to find cuts in some services up to 86% which will have an impact on road maintenance amongst others.


Any other Business

The Fair Committee intend to distribute the proceed of the fair to the named benefactors at our next meeting.

Setting up a funding for a wooden gate outside the Hall was proposed by Mrs Heyes.

Clearing of pathway prior to the winter was asked for.


Date of next meeting:  Monday 6th November 2017 at 8pm.


Peaslake Community Council Minutes 4th September 2017


This month we had a larger meeting then in July with some attending we have not seen for a long time.

Matters arising from the previous meeting:

It was still not clear who owned the land outside Farney Lane.
We have not yet received a response from the parish Council regarding the omission from the minutes.
Shere planning was under the Tillingbourne heading due to the Ward.

Treasurers report:

We have £70.59 in the account but are waiting for a reimbursement from the Fair Committee for the insurance.

Village Fair:

A vote of thanks to Julie Knight and her team for organising an excellent event. All agreed that the mix of stalls added to the attraction.

Three tables from the Hall have not yet been returned if you know were they are can you please return them.

Village Matters for SPC.

Cllr: Adrienne Golightly reported.

Ebikes on the Hurtwood: SPC had received a response to their letter to the Friends of the Hurtwood, which would be commented upon at the SPC meeting on Tuesday

Not suitable for HGV’s signs: Signs have been erected on the Ewhurst to Shere Road but not on roads leading into Peaslake (Ewhurst Road past Coverwood and Lawbrook Lane)

“I have concerns that this will lead to HGV’s being directed through Peaslake and so have asked for the matter to be investigated and that measures are taken to discourage HGV drivers using Peaslake roads.”

GBC Funding: Grants given to GBC have been severely cut back. This will inevitably mean that repair and maintenance work will not be carried out by . “I will raise this matter to establish how much of this work can be undertaken by SPC in the future.”

Chevrons at Mackies Hill: This work has been completed with SPC covering the costs

Any Other Business:

Questions were raised about the gate on the south side of the Memorial Hall.
MU responded that there seems to be a misconception by some, that the Memorial Hall’s car park/forecourt was Village property, in fact it is private property and belonged to the Memorial Hall. (The public car park is in Pond Lane and is maintained by SPC)
The Memorial Hall, car park/forecourt and the land behind is owned by the Official Custodian for Charities on behalf of the Memorial Hall and was for Memorial Hall users only.
The maintenance of the forecourt/car park, building and land is the sole responsibility of the trustees who are tasked with finding the money to do this.
The gate had been placed there to stop unauthorised parking, protect Memorial Hall users from vehicles, who turn round there, protect the surface of the forecourt and access rights.
Questions were then asked about the use of a metal gate instead of wood, this was due to cost of the metal gate being inexpensive compared to a wooden one.
Mrs Jane Walters and Mrs Anne Hayes asked if the funds could be found could the gate be exchanged for a wooden one, the reply was yes.
It was also explained that the grant to resurface the car park/forecourt was a grant by SPC to the charity.
On the question from JW of the Memorial Hall no longer being viable, the money raised for its sale might be utilised for other charitable purposes, possibly the construction of a new Hall on a different site, but another possibility was that the land (or the money for its sale) would revert to the estate of the original owner (at the meeting it was suggested that this might be the Bray estate but at a post meeting check revealed that the land was originally given by The Hon Henry Cubitt.)
It had been suggested that an agreement with SPC to exchange the Hall for Peaslake Farm might be a good idea, then the fields could be used for a cricket pitch, tennis courts or other sporting activities.

Date of next meeting: 2nd October 2017 8pm.

Community Council Minutes 3rd July 2017

Minutes of the meeting of the 3rd July 2017.

Matters arising from the previous meeting:

It was still not clear who owns the land outside Farney Road,
No report on why Shere planning was going to Tillingbourne,
We have not yet received a response from the Parish Council regarding the omission from the minutes.

The Fair Committee were finalising the arrangements with some new directional signs being printed. The application for a road closure had been submitted and stall holders being notified. The opening of the fair this year would be 12 noon instead of 1pm.

If you have any 6ft trestle tables you could loan the fair please contact Julie Knight (as we are short of tables this year)

Date of next meeting 4th September 2017.

Community Council Minutes 5th June 2017


Matters Outstanding:

Treasurers report:
Insurance paid (£495.35) and a copy of same sent to The Fair Committee.

August Bank Holiday Village Fair.

If you would like a stall at the Fair please contact Julie Knight or to advertise in the programme Samantha McCormich. A copy of the insurance policy as been received by the committee and road closures will be applied for as usual. New direction signs will be produced to help visitors find the car parks,

Electric Bikes on the Hurtwood.

Adrienne Golightly and Martyn Warrell both mentioned that electric bikes have strict regulations which mean that to enjoy the same road or off road access and status as a normal bicycle an electric assist road or mountain bike must be within the 250 W power and with a cut off limit of 25kph.

David Clifford mentioned that one had to be over 14 to legally ride a upto 250W bike on the road.

Electric bikes over 250W or with a cut off speed over 25KPH is classified as a motor bike under UK Law, requiring registration and type approval.

Whilst difficult for the Friends of the Hurtwood Trustees to police it was agreed that on websites and communications it would be noted that only EAPC are permitted on the Hurtwood.

David thought that mountain bikers would also police this, as the more powerful electric bikes would damage trails.

The matter of electric bike would also be brought up at the next meeting with landowners including the NT

Village Matters:

The ditches along the houses on the east side of the Ewhurst Road were requiring maintenance,
As the strip of land is owned by Shere Manor Estates it was agreed that residents affected should write to the Estate coping there letters to SPC.

It would appear from the Surrey advertiser that Peaslake planning applications were going to Tillingbourne instead of Shere. AG will look into this.

Date of next meeting: 3rd July 2017 at 8pm.

Community Council Minutes 8th May 2017




Matters Arising:


The omission from Shere Parish Council (SPC) minutes for March 2017 of Peaslake residents views: This omission was raised with the Parish Council Clerk at the April meeting. Peaslake councillors will check whether corrections have been made and residents’ views are reflected in the revised minutes.


A25 hatching at the turn off for Gomshall Lane: SPC endorsed the suggestion at the April Council meeting. Peaslake councillors will follow up to ensure that action is taken to raise this suggestion with Surrey County Council. It was also agreed to suggest putting ‘STOP’ signs at the junctions on to the A25 from Shere and Albury instead of the current give way.


SPC  Business


Audio recordings of SPC meetings: PCC welcomed the decision to continue recording the meetings and asked Peaslake Councillors to ask SPC to put the audio recordings on the website.


E bikes: There are two types of E bike. The low powered ones with a max speed of 20mph and the higher powered ones that can go as fast as 50mph. SPC will write to Friends of the Hurtwood to ask for restrictions on use of the high powered bikes on the Hurtwood at the suggestion of Peaslake councillors.


Peaslake Farm fields: SPC are exploring the option of leasing the fields to a Peaslake Village Community Interest Company on a long lease. This would provide the protection for the valley that Peasake councillors and the Peaslake Protection Group have worked very hard to achieve. There will be tough negotiations on who funds the necessary work to get the land into a fit state to let, but it is a very positive step forward and residents hope for a constructive outcome.


Housing development on Peaslake Farm: Initial planning advice from Guildford Borough Council recognised that Peaslake is an attractive village and the housing development should be designed to fit in with neighbouring properties and not to look like an estate. They also recommended bigger gardens and better parking facilities than those proposed by SPC. Sticking with the original plan of 8 houses would provide more space for gardens and parking.


SPC contacted those local people who expressed interest in renting the houses. 11 people replied.  6 of them wanted a 1 bed house and 3 a 1 bed flat. The other 2 wanted a larger 3 bed property.




Treasurers report:


Village insurance was now due with a small increase over last year of £15.18 to £495.35.


Village Fair: 28 August 2017-05-11


A committee had been formed with Julie Knight as chair and will also be taking booking for stalls. Samantha McCormick and Jane Weller will be looking after advertising in the program and sponsorship.


Village Matters:


SPC councillors present mentioned that the cars parked in Peaslake Farm fields should be moved or be placed undercover within the next three months.


Cyndie Gould mentioned that 2 people were interested in having allocation policies.


There was a suggestion that the Village Hall should be moved to Peaslake Farm and the proposed housing on the farm moved to the Halls site.


Adrienne Golightly raised the following comments for discussion:

Ebikes on the Hurtwood –

Permission was given by the Friends of the Hurtwood, for an Electric bike demonstration days in Peaslake.  2 further events are planned.


The event was promoted on the shop’s website as:  ‘The hills and roads of Peaslake provide the perfect opportunity to try out these great electric MTB and Urban bikes in the actual terrain you will be using them.’


There is NO stipulation in the promotional material that ONLY the lower powered bikes can be used or that the bikes ridden on private land need the permission of the Landowner.

The Term ‘Electric bike’ has been used, this could be applied to several types of bike.


The concerns are that in allowing the use of Ebikes, on the Hurtwood, it will be difficult to keep control when bikes become more powerful and more widely used.

E machines are now being used for road trials and motor cross activities.


More powerful Ebikes are classed as Motor bikes, an alternative to motorised vehicles.

The Management Plan for the Hurtwood excludes internal combustion engines, it is unlikely that Electric powered bikes were considered in the plan.


If introduced and found to be undesirable, is there any way that the Bikes can be excluded?

There is no doubt that, once established, the use of the Hurtwood as a place where Electric bikes can be ridden will be widely publicised.


If these bikes are to be allowed on the Hurtwood, there is a need for strict, enforceable regulation to keep control of the type of bikes and their use.


Date of next meeting: Monday 5th June 2017 at 8pm.

Community Council Minutes 3rd April 2017

At the Community Council meeting on April 3, it was announced that applications have been received from the Memorial Hall, Peaslake Free School an d the Friends of the Hurtwood to be considered as beneficiaries of proceeds of Peaslake Fair on August Bank Holiday Monday. A discussion followed on how to split the proceeds in view of the fact the Memorial Hall is in urgent need of further repairs and existing funds are rapidly being depleted. It was decided to split the proceeds by giving 40% to the Hall and 30% each to the School and the Friends of the Hurtwood. Members of the Hall Committee present at the meeting abstained from voting.

We were reminded that the last meeting of Shere Parish Council was held in Peaslake; although the meeting was well attended and included an item regarding Peaslake Farm, no mention of it was made in the Parish Council minutes, which rather surprised us! The Parish Councillors attending our meeting were asked to follow this up.

Following the recent fatal accident on the A25 at the junction of Gomshall Lane, Shere, Parish Councillors present were asked if they would pass on our views regarding changing the road markings at the junction to help to prevent similar accidents in future. A general discussion about road problems around Peaslake followed.

On other topics, members were told that Brian Hilsdon, who for many years has done various maintenance jobs around the area on behalf of Shere Parish Council, is retiring. A discussion took place about the use of electric-powered mountain bikes on the Hurtwood and landowners are to be made aware of this activity.

The next meeting of the Community Council will be at the new start time of 8pm, on Monday, May 8, as usual in Peaslake Memorial Hall.     Jim Collin

Community Council Minutes 6 March 2017.



  1. Time to remember our friend and fellow member, Ken Harrup, following his sudden passing last month.


  1. Minutes of our last Meeting:
  2. a) Chevron Poles at School Steps are included in the April/May Budget
  3. b) Consultation papers re Peaslake Farm Fields deferred until SPC Meeting on 7 March
  4. c) Temporary repair to Pot Holes at Gomshall Railway Crossing

Ongoing items:-

  1. d) State of footpath by Copperkins, Pursers Lane.
  2. e) Rainwater from Radnor Road, ditches at Burrows Cross Road junction, hatching of the roads in Centre of the Village
  3. f) Handrail alongside approach to Church & The Old School Room.


  1. Treasurer’s Report distributed.


  1. August Village Fair:            Requests to benefit from the proceeds of the August Village Fair were discussed.


Interested parties need to notify the PCC in writing with a brief description of what the funds will be used for, by our next meeting on the 3rd of April.


  1. Friends of the Hurtwood and Peaslake Memorial Hall expressed an interest.


  1. Village Pavements have been swept and various drains cleaned recently. We still need to find out who owns the entrance to Farney Lane. There are bad pot holes again between Hoe Lane and Sutton, at the Old Saw Mills in Burrows Cross Lane and at the corner in Hook Lane by Burrows Lea Farm.


  1. Discussion about BT upgrade to Super Fast Broadband re links:- http://www.shereparishcouncil.gov.uk/newsletter-archive/



  1. The Annual Meeting of Friends of the Hurtwood is due to take place on Tuesday, 4 April, 2017 at The Duke of Kent School and everyone is welcome to attend.


  1. General discussion followed about the condition of the Village Hall and work in progress as and when funds are available, this includes replacing leaking roof vents, flat roof repairs, heating system update, general internal repairs and redecoration.


  1. The next PCC Meeting is on Monday, 3 April, 2017 at 8.15pm.