Community Council meeting 8th March 2018

Peaslake Community Council

Minutes of the meeting of the 8th March 2018.

Matters arising from minutes: 

The Flower planters by Peaslake bus stop require attention, new flowers and perhaps soil.

Jim Heyes to ask The Gardening Society to see if anyone would be willing to take over the responsibility of replanting and maintaining them.

Clr. Adrienne Golightly  was also asked if SPC would be willing to take help with the upkeep and maintain the planters.

Fair Allocations for 2018: 

At the April PCC meeting the subject of beneficiaries of any proceed from the summer fair will be discussed.

If you wish to be considered for an allocation, please write to;  Julie Knight or Michael Urban, giving the name of your organisation and a brief detail of why the funds are required and the use they would be put to. There is a requirement that successful candidates have a Member on the fair committee.

Village matters:

Samples of crockery to be purchased for the Hall can be viewed in the Hall’s kitchen

Concerns for SPC:

PCC were asked for their views on the request for a concreted footpath to be built on SPC land, adjacent to the fencing, at the back of Peaslake School.  The meeting agreed that helping the School would be a good thing but that a legal agreement should be in place to ensure that the land remained SPC property.

Work around the Village.

SPC had taken on some of the maintenance work around the Village.   The drainage channels on Radnor road have been cleared, which should help to prevent water and debris collecting in the centre of the village.

Other works have been reported and are scheduled to be done.

There is to be a site meeting with Surrey County Council to discuss the bank erosion that is occurring between the Church and Walking Bottom Car Park, as well as, deep ruts at the side of the road from Lawbrook Lane to the Car Park.

Further work was reported and appropriate action will be taken.

Hedges needing cutting back:

  • Rad Lane near Apple Tree cottage:
  • Bamboo near Hazel Hatch

Bus stop Bollard – has any action been taken?

Councillors will advise PCC and Hall of any decision on the financing of the replacement  tables for the Village Hall, following the SPC Meeting on Tuesday.

Any other business:

Jim Collins mentioned that his latest Thames water Bill offers a rebate for properties with soakaways. (This is written in small print)

Michael Urban asked if anyone would like to take over the role of Chairman of the PCC  as he feels that after more than twelve years of doing this role he would like to stand down.


Date of next meeting, Monday 9thApril 2018 at 8pm.

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