Community Council minutes 14th May 2018

Peaslake Community Council.

 Minutes of the Meeting of the 14thMay 2018.

 Matters outstanding;

(5.3.18) Still awaiting Network rail to start the remedial work by the level crossing.

Farley Lane tarmac entry: on GBC program.

Walking bottom Banks: SPC to plant bushes to deter cyclists.

School footpath: Approved by SPC.

(9.4.18)  Extra litter bins: SPC Cllr: GR  not sure if we will get any.

Also reported dog waste bins cost £300. PA ea. To maintain. Extra Christmas lights; defered. Street sign clearing: defered.  Clearing ditch by Hoe Lane: defered. Cllr to mention that the reflectors on the barrier by Lentern Close face the wrong way.

Reminder that the Halls Car park will be closed on the 28thMay to preserve its rights.


Cllr GR reported that SPC would supply all three parish Village Halls with some tables so that they can hire/loan them to other village organizations.


MU reported that so far 10 residents had so far asked for allotments.

He said that in his opinion that was to many for the space behind the Hall. He asked Cllr.GR because of the interest from the community and has the response was only to one mention in the Parish Magazine  if SPC might be approached to consider having allotments on Peaslake Farm.  Cllr GR was against the idea saying  in her opinion if they were neglected the space might then be considered for building on.

Cllr GR went on to say that she will call a meeting of the 10 interested parties to see the land behind the hall could be proportioned and discussing cultivating the land and upkeep.


IF you would like to be considered for an allotment and have not already done so please contact MU by email


 JC  reported that a wooden spa was missing from the bus shelter at Lentern Close.

 Mrs Cindy Gould reported that The village had been kindly given a vehicle equipped for disabled persons along with an electric wheelchair.

Surrey Hills Community Trust had agreed to take care of it. Shere Surgery had shown an interest in its use three days a week, other uses were being considered.

MU again said he wanted to stand down from the Community Council in July, as he felt that after 12 years he had done enough. Regrettably so far no one had come forward to take it on.

If anyone would like to help please contact MU for details.


Date of next meeting: Monday 4thJune 2018 8.00pm.

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