Community Council minutes 1st October 2018



Meeting held on Monday 1st October 2018 in Peaslake Memorial Hall at 8.00pm

The meeting was chaired by Julie Barham and attended by 18 Peaslakers


Present: Julie Barham, Nick Bray, Sally Bray, Andrew Clayton, Jim Collin, Adrienne Golightly, Christine Harrison, Anne Heyes, Jim Heyes, Jeff Jones, Marion Jones, Laura Loughlin, Jon Moon, David Pickford, Gerry Reffo, Deb Stevens, Marion Taylor-Cotter, Martyn Warrell.

Apologies: Angela and Sarah Pickford, Chris Lewis and Jane Lee.


Julie welcomed everybody.  All those attending introduced themselves and, as appropriate, what organisation they represented.  Gerry Reffo and Adrienne Golightly attended for the Parish Council.

Treasurer’s Report

Marion Taylor-Cotter reported the balance as at 1stOctober 2018 was £181.55

Matters Arising from September 2018 minutes

Planning Application for Old Vine Cottage, Ewhurst Road.  The initial application has been turned down by Guildford Borough Council Planning Committee.

Allotments behind the village hall.  Gerry apologised for the lack of progress and will be in touch with interested residents again in October.

-The problem of grass cuttings on the greenbeing left behind in the stream.  Adrienne reported that changes to the existing grass cutting contract could be made when the new contract is negotiated; this could stipulate that the stream must be kept clear.

Village Events

Peaslake Fair.  Julie Knight will report on the Peaslake Fair at the November meeting when the monies will be presented to the beneficiaries.

Peaslake Christmas Evening.  Thursday 20thDecember starting at an earlier time of 7pm. Bobby Knott will once again organise the entertainment. Aaron Taylor-Cotter is to be asked if he will make the Christmas Cake.


Peaslake School  (Andy Clayton)

– The annual bike event (MTBO) in aid of school funds, will take place on Sunday 14thOctober.                 – Peaslake School open mornings will take place on 15thOctober and 26thNovember.                                  – The school will be involved in the RBL Remembrance Celebrations.                                                               – The Nursery Section of the school is working well; there are still some places available.

Garden Society(Jeff Jones)

There is a talk on “Container Planting” on Thursday 11thOctober at 8pm in the Old School Room.

Villagers Group(Adrienne Golightly)

The next meeting on 16thOctober will be a mini “Antiques Roadshow” with Andrew Hawkins.

Village Hall  (Jim Collin)

– The hall floor is to be sanded, sealed and remarked in February 2019.                                                            – A request has been made not to move the piano as the castors are broken and are digging into and damaging the floor.                                                                                                                                                    – A new noticeboard is to be purchased and research is underway to decide between one made of wood or one of aluminium, there being a considerable difference in price.


– The flower troughs by the bus shelterneed a new lining to prevent leakage which causes them to dry out.  Jeff and Marion Jones are willing to organise this, the cost being covered by the Parish Council.

– Jim Collin reported the bad state of the footpath between Farney Lane and Torrells:  this was noted by the Parish Councillors.

– Martyn Warrell and others in Ewhurst Road are concerned at the damage to the bank of the streambeing caused by large lorries and the buses needing to pass at times, especially when the building works start at Peaslake Farm.

– Adrienne Golightly informed us that there is £5000 of Parish Council moneythat could be made available for Peaslake projects, taking over some of the work that GBC do not have the funds to complete.

– It was reported that the tarmac track from the village up to the Cemetaryis in a poor state, especially at the top. Further discussion is needed between the Parish Council, Church PCC, and the Hurtwood as to the state of the road, and how to deal with water drainage from the hill.

– Gerry Reffo reported that the new Parish Clerk, Suzanne Hoyland, has settled in well and now needs a part-time assistant; this would be a great opportunity for an enthusiastic and well- organised person who needs to work flexibly, and she asked everyone to bring it to the attention of anyone they know who might be interested.


Julie Barham asked those present to think about the future of the Peaslake Community Council, especially as presently there is no permanent chairperson or secretary (note-taker); if there are sufficient volunteers to take on these roles on a “rolling basis” for the time being at least, this could work very well.  An initial discussion ensued covering rebranding (how modern!), change of name, new ideas for the meeting and encouraging more villagers to take part, perhaps an occasional afternoon meeting, and possibly refreshments.

Julie thanked all those who had attended, enabling another good meeting.  The meeting ended at 9.30pm.

Date of Next Meeting:  Monday 5thNovember 2018                                                           AH/JB/17.10.18

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