Community Council minutes 2nd July 2018

Peaslake Community Council.

Minutes of the meeting of the 2ndJuly 2018.

Matters outstanding;   Responses form SPC.

Work on the Railway crossing at Gomshall:– this will be attended to  by Network rail when they do other work on the railway crossing

Bank erosion towards Walking Bottom Car park– Planting to take place at some time.

Treasurers Report:  We have £232.69 in the account, The event insurance was paid last month (£499.70)  which should be reimbursed after the fair.

Village Matters:

 Reported foot paths overgrown,

Hedge at Apple Trees was overgrown and was perturbing into the road.

Chevron between Wonham way and Rad Lane need to be replaced.

The warning sign showing a bend by Wonham Way shows only one exit to the left when I fact there are two on that bend. Revised sign asked for.

Reflectors were required for the new barrier erected near Lenton Close.


Adrienne Golighly said SPC had ordered the tables mentioned in the last meeting for the three village halls.

It was asked when the Hall would notify people about allotments, Reported that Geraldine Reffo would be calling a meeting of all those how had enquired so that how much space was each person wanted could be seen.

Michael thanked both Marion  Taylor-Cotter and Jim Collin for all there help with the CC.  The CC will continue under a rolling chairman, more details in the next issue.


Date of next meeting:  3rd September 2018. At 8pm.

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