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Community Council Minutes 3rd April 2017

At the Community Council meeting on April 3, it was announced that applications have been received from the Memorial Hall, Peaslake Free School an d the Friends of the Hurtwood to be considered as beneficiaries of proceeds of Peaslake Fair on August Bank Holiday Monday. A discussion followed on how to split the proceeds in view of the fact the Memorial Hall is in urgent need of further repairs and existing funds are rapidly being depleted. It was decided to split the proceeds by giving 40% to the Hall and 30% each to the School and the Friends of the Hurtwood. Members of the Hall Committee present at the meeting abstained from voting.

We were reminded that the last meeting of Shere Parish Council was held in Peaslake; although the meeting was well attended and included an item regarding Peaslake Farm, no mention of it was made in the Parish Council minutes, which rather surprised us! The Parish Councillors attending our meeting were asked to follow this up.

Following the recent fatal accident on the A25 at the junction of Gomshall Lane, Shere, Parish Councillors present were asked if they would pass on our views regarding changing the road markings at the junction to help to prevent similar accidents in future. A general discussion about road problems around Peaslake followed.

On other topics, members were told that Brian Hilsdon, who for many years has done various maintenance jobs around the area on behalf of Shere Parish Council, is retiring. A discussion took place about the use of electric-powered mountain bikes on the Hurtwood and landowners are to be made aware of this activity.

The next meeting of the Community Council will be at the new start time of 8pm, on Monday, May 8, as usual in Peaslake Memorial Hall.     Jim Collin

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