Community Council minutes 3rd December 2018



Meeting held on Monday 3rdDecember, 2018 in Peaslake Memorial Hall at 8.00pm

The meeting was chaired by Christine Harrison and attended by 18 Peaslakers


Present:  Julie Barham, Nick Bray, Sally Bray, Jim Collin, Christine Harrison, Anne Heyes, Jim Heyes, Marion Jones, Jeff Jones, Jane Carpenter, Jo Rennison, Cyndie Gould, Gerry Reffo, Adrienne Golightly, Deb Stevens, Bobby Knott, Martyn Warrell, Georgie Shoesmith.

Apologies:  Marion Taylor-Cotter, Sally Price, Julie Knight, Sara Dangerfield, Jenny Janse, Laura Loughlin, David Pickford, Andy Clayton.

Christine welcomed everybody.  All those attending introduced themselves and, as appropriate, what organisation they represented.  Gerry Reffo and Adrienne Golightly attended for the Parish Council.

Treasurer’s Report

In Marion Taylor-Cotter’s absence Christine Harrison reported that, with the Peaslake Fair insurance repayment of £499.70, the Treasurer’s report showed a balance on 1stDecember, 2018, of £681.25.

Matters Arising from November 2018 minutes

Problems with drainage/debris from the car park at Walking Bottom

Jim Heyes reported that he had spoken to Mark Beaumont about this matter. Mark had confirmed that he had plans to construct channels on either side of the entrance to direct the water into the existing Peaslake drainage system. Money was in the budget for this work, which would be carried out in the near future.

“Peaslake Remembers” on the 10thNovember, 2018.

Jeff Jones wished it to be recorded that this event, organised by the Royal British Legion, was a huge success and represented Peaslake at its best. In particular, Cyndie Gould noted that much of this success was due to the sterling efforts of Richard Sherlock. It was agreed that a letter recording this should be sent to Paul Carter of the British Legion. Julie Barham agreed to undertake this.


Garden Society(Marion and Jeff Jones)

A good meeting had been held on the 8thNovember, but no one had come forward as a potential committee member.The flower troughs by the bus shelter were planted up with red flowers for the “Peaslake Remembers” event as reported last month. They will now be emptied, lined and prepared for the winter, ready for re-planting in the spring.

Peaslake Lunch Group  (Christine Harrison)

As reported last month, the Christmas Lunch is being held at Ridgmount on 5thDecember.

Peaslake School

No report this month.

Royal British Legion

No report this month, but see Jeff Jones’s remarks above on the success of the “Peaslake Remembers” event.



W.I.  (Julie Barham)

The last meeting is being held on 6th December, after which the branch will close, having been in existence for 100 years.

The Church(Anne Heyes)

Interviews for the new Rector are being held this week. There are currently two potential candidates being considered.

The Memorial Hall(Jim Collin)

The installation of new LED roof lights is currently being costed. In addition, Graham Carter (Hall Committee and badminton player) is to test this type of light to ensure that it is suitable for this application. The work will be carried out before February. The hall floor will also be sanded, cleaned, re coated and relined. The Hall would be closed for two weeks in February whilst these works are being carried out. All other works will be carried out around bookings.It was noted that the castors on the piano were failing, making it impossible to move it. New castors were now being sourced.

Village Events

Peaslake Fair.

As noted in the November meeting minutes, it has been recommended that advertising for Fair Beneficiaries ought to be carried out early in the New Year and that representatives from these organisations should make up the Fair Committee. It was resolved that the report to the Parish Magazine should make this point in time for the January edition of the magazine.

Christmas Trees.                                                                                                                                                                             – The outside Christmas tree is to be erected at the beginning of December, and lights put on.  Peter Knight and Dave Colebrook have been contacted and are on the case. Deb Stevens will talk to Digby and Elspeth Hulme about the electrical supply.

–The Hall Christmas tree has been erected and partially decorated in good time for various Christmas events in the hall. Additional decoration is being organised (Jim Collin)

Peaslake Christmas Evening.  (Bobby Knott)

The evening will be on Thursday 20thDecember and will start at 7pm. There will be no interval and it is anticipated that the entertainment will finish at around 9 pm. There will still be a Santa at the end of the show. Teas, coffees, cake etc. will be served after the show has finished. Julie Barham will notify the Villagers Group of the new arrangements. Aaron Taylor-Cotter has made the Christmas Cake and the WI will supply the mince pies. Any suitable decorations for the Hall would be welcomed.

The Sound of Music(Bobby Knott)

The show will run from the 5thto the 9thFebruary. Some 200 tickets have already been sold. Bobby has assembled a very exciting cast, including some professionals, the most notable playing the role of Maria and who has West End experience. The children will be played by two groups of kids in order to reduce the onus on the families. Tickets may be obtained by accessing the Peaslake Players website.


Gerry Reffo and Adrienne Golightly reported as follows:

–  Allotments: meetings have been held with all of the interested residents and things are moving ahead.

–  Footpath clearance from Farney Lane to Torrells: This work has still not been carried out. It was suggested that widening the path would help as this would spread the wear and tear over a larger area and help to maintain the path’s integrity. A request to this effect had been submitted.

–  Greenoak Housing Association has confirmed that a transport plan would be put in place, and would form part of the planning application.

–  Tarmac track up to the Cemetery.  A site meeting is being arranged, hopefully to include the presence of Jonathan Moon. Anne Heyes suggested that it was important for the village to ascertain what proportion of the maintenance of the track was the responsibility of the church. With respect to the drainage of water off this track, it was thought that a similar method to that used successfully on Radnor Road might be employed.

–  Assistant to the Parish Clerk: The position has now been filled.

– Vegetation encroachment of the road at Pursers Hollow: It was reported that this had been raised with SCC, who consider it not to be a priority. However, the SPC will continue to raise it with them.

– Road surface by the level crossing: Network Rail have responsibility for a narrow strip of roadway on either side of the crossing. It was considered that there was no point in resurfacing the adjacent portions until Network Rail carry out this work. Network Rail do not seem to regard this work as a priority. A number of people at the meeting pointed out that the current situation is unacceptable and there was a clear risk of injury to cyclists at this crossing, apart from the damage being caused to road traffic. The SPC would be raising it with Network Rail again.

– The hedge at Apple Tree Cottage is now some 60cms into the road and obstructing the ditch.  The ditch needs to be re-instated: This had been raised with Council, but the outcome needed to be checked.


Hoe House fencing: Jo Rennison raised the matter of the new fence which has been erected around part of the land owned by Hoe House. This is a tall metal fence and prevents deer crossing its line. Unfortunately, this is causing a degree of mortality to the deer population because the deer enter the Hoe House land from adjacent properties and then find themselves trapped. To date three deer have died, two inside the fence, and one stuck in the fence itself.

A number of people have gone to the house and spoken to the owner’s wife, but she does not seem to feel that there is any problem. A simple solution would be to fence in the whole estate in a similar fashion so that there is no access for deer.

Adrienne Golightly stated that this matter would be brought up at a planning meeting and Guildford Borough Council would be notified.

Surrey Union Hunt (SUH): a number of people raised the matter of the control of the SUH hounds. On one occasion a group had apparently split off and had been seen chasing a deer, prior to being recalled. On another occasion, groups of hounds had been found roaming around in the centre of the village. It was agreed that a suitably worded message should be sent to the Hunt to raise their awareness of the village’s concerns.[1]

Finally, Christine thanked all those who had attended.  The meeting ended at 9.15pm.


Date of Next Meeting: Monday 7thJanuary, 2019, In The Village Hall                                        RNB/JB/07.12.18

All Peaslakers welcome to attend!

[1]Subsequently, however, a report in the press stated that the SUH were already being accused of killing a fox (an accusation which was apparently denied because it was alleged that a dead fox had been fed to the hounds.) In view of this it is not considered helpful for the proposed contact with the hunt to be made at this time.

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