Community Council Minutes 4th February 2019


Meeting held on Monday 4thFebruary, 2019 in Old School Room at 8.00pm

The Meeting was Chaired by Julie Barham and attended by 20 Peaslakers

 Present:  Julie Barham, Sally & Nick Bray, Jane Cobbett, Andy Clayton, Jim Collin, Cyndie Gould, Christine Harrison, Anne & Jim Hayes, Marion Jones, Julie Knight, Lowell Kyle, David Mercer, Gerry Reffo, Deb Stevens, Marion Taylor-Cotter, Michael Urban, Mark & Janette Weller.

Apologies:  Jeff Jones, Caroline Earle, Laura Loughlin, Helen Mills, Adrienne Golightly, Martyn Warrell.

Treasurer’s Report

Marion Taylor-Cotter reported that the balance as at 4thFebruary 2019 was £816.60.

Matters Arising from January 2019 Meeting

  1. Letter and messages of thanks have been sent to Bobby Knott, Digby & Elspeth Hulme, Peter Knight & team for all their help with the village Christmas.
  2. Replies received from Surrey County Council & Compass Bus Company explaining that the withdrawal of services are down to lack of funds and a 3-month period of assessment showed not enough people used it.
  3. Nick Bray reported that he had spoken to Howard (Bike Shop) regarding how to resolve the issue of large vehicles parking on the bend next to the shop and causing traffic problems. Howard said their owners get very angry if asked to move their vehicle!  Ideas are being discussed to alleviate this problem.

Reports from Village Organisations– No new Reports this period.

 Village Fair 2019

The beneficiaries of the fair were decided at January’s Community Council meeting, and they met on 21stJanuary to decide the percentage each organisation would receive, namely 30% each to Peaslake Village School, Village Memorial Hall and The Friends of the Hurtwood, with the remaining 10% to Shere & Peaslake Scout Group.

A vigorous discussion followed regarding the Village Fair. Julie Barham read out the only names she had been given so far which, unfortunately, is not enough people to form a Fair Committee.   Julie Knight, who worked tirelessly along with other members of the Fair Committee in 2018, has kindly offered to advise the list of jobs entailed but is unable to Chair or be a Member of the Committee this year. More volunteers are urgently needed to take on the challenging tasks of organising and enabling this year’s Fair to take place.  The next meeting of the Fair Committee will be on Monday, 11thFebruary 2019.

Shere Parish Council– Gerry Reffo  gave an update of the following items:-

Peaslake Farm Update– Greenoak Housing Association have revised the development design in response to villagers’ views. Details were passed around. A detailed reply will be sent to everyone who contributed views. The  plan is to build 8 properties –  a mix of one and two bedroom homes. Completion is now scheduled for late 2020. A traffic management plan will be put in place before construction starts.

Important: Residents who would like to be considered for a property mustregister annually on the Guildford Housing Register. At the moment there are only 4 residents on the Register. Anyone not on the Register won’t be considered.

 Flooding– Shere Parish Council meeting on 5thMarch  will consider whether the flooding problems identified in Peaslake are likely to be exacerbated by the Peaslake Farm development. Greenoak will provide details of the housing development impact on the surface water and sewage systems. Shere Parish Council will report on the latest position from Thames Water and Surrey County Council. Residents will have the opportunity to give their views on whether the flooding concerns have been adequately dealt with before the Council votes on whether to continue the development.

 Gomshall Crossing  Network rail will start work on the surface on 25thMarch.

Mackies Hill– The pothole half way up the road has been filled in. Peaslake Councillors are pushing for resurfacing of the road.

 Farney Lane – Torrells Footpath. SPC are talking to GBC about establishing a full footpath.

 Old School Roombank and wall damage – SPC to arrange regular mowing and signage warning cyclists not to cycle up the bank.

Steps Plaws Hill footpath to Radnor RoadThe landowner is kindly funding repair of the steps. Work to take place in February.

 Cemetery Pathreinstating run offs to reduce village flooding: SPC talking to landowners.

 Walking Bottom Car Park– Surrey CC have dug out ditch on the side of the road.

 Playground– new chains on the swings.

 The Community Council

 – asked for 30 new traffic conesfor Peaslake to be allocated between the Hall, the Old School Room and for use on the road outside the cycle shop.

– They supported SPC funding for the Swimming Pool, and for the Doctors Surgery car parkincluding getting permission to use the land opposite to provide more car parking.

-They approved siting a school sign to the left of the Scudges but asked for it to be smaller than planned.

New Issues:

  1.  Replenish salt in salt bins.
  2. Reinstate the ditch at the top of Pursers Hill.
  3. Review ditch opposite Appletrees and notify landowner if it needs digging out.
  4. A resident broke his ankle walking on the uneven footpath between Torrells and Farney Lane. Report to SPC and GBC to accelerate repair work.

 Peaslake Community Fund

David Mercer, on behalf of Peaslake Community Fund, explained how the Fund works and those who had benefitted so far.  The Projects it can help with include start-ups and updating ongoing repairs when existing funds are low. The Community Fund exists from donations and the interest on its £32K investment.  It is always on the lookout for projects to help and is open to suggestions.

ANY OTHER BUSINESSNo new items this meeting.

 The Meeting closed at 21.30hrs

Date of Next Meeting:   Monday 4 March, 2019 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall.


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