Community Council minutes 4th June 2018

Peaslake Community Council.

Minutes of the meeting of the 4thJune 2018.

Matters outstanding;   Responses form SPC.

Work on the Railway crossing at Gomshall:– this will be attended to  by Network rail when they do other work on the railway crossing

Bank erosion towards Walking Bottom Car park– the planting of shrubs has been REJECTED by the SPC General Purposes Committee instead brambles are to be trained into place.

News of waste bins – The cost of £300 per bins has been assessed as too expensive.

 Notices on the outside of the bus shelter near Farney Lane– this has been placed on the ‘action list’ – notices to be removed by SPC.

Treasurers Report:  The events insurance was paid on the 15 May £499.70 which should be reimbursed after the fair.

Village Matters:

Several  Residents  expressed concern about the number of planning applications relating to Quakers and Quakers Orchard and the new entrance to the property along Lawbrook Lane.  It was mentioned that a large area of hedge row will be lost also sections of the current raised bank would be levelled.

It was suggested that Residents, who would like to express an opinion, either for or against, to write to Guildford Borough Council and Shere Parish Council, so that their views can be taken into consideration.

Planning Ref:  18/P/00914  Quakers Orchard

Submissions need to arrive before the relevant planning meetings.


Cyndie Gould updated the developments of the wheelchair accessible car donated to our community by the Laffan family in Christine’s memory.  The plan still is for the car to be owned and run by the Surrey Hills CLT offering journeys for only wheelchair users and only for medical appointments.  Eventually the wheelchair accessible car will be available for friends and family use as well.  If anyone in a wheelchair needs a lift for a medical appointment, please ring Cyndie on 01306 731224 and leave a message.

A comment was make about the coverage of the fox in last months Parish Magazine being excessive.

Adrienne Golighly said SPC had ordered the tables mentioned in the last meeting for the three village halls.


Date of next meeting:  2ndJuly 2018. At 8pm.

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