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Community Council Minutes 5th June 2017


Matters Outstanding:

Treasurers report:
Insurance paid (£495.35) and a copy of same sent to The Fair Committee.

August Bank Holiday Village Fair.

If you would like a stall at the Fair please contact Julie Knight or to advertise in the programme Samantha McCormich. A copy of the insurance policy as been received by the committee and road closures will be applied for as usual. New direction signs will be produced to help visitors find the car parks,

Electric Bikes on the Hurtwood.

Adrienne Golightly and Martyn Warrell both mentioned that electric bikes have strict regulations which mean that to enjoy the same road or off road access and status as a normal bicycle an electric assist road or mountain bike must be within the 250 W power and with a cut off limit of 25kph.

David Clifford mentioned that one had to be over 14 to legally ride a upto 250W bike on the road.

Electric bikes over 250W or with a cut off speed over 25KPH is classified as a motor bike under UK Law, requiring registration and type approval.

Whilst difficult for the Friends of the Hurtwood Trustees to police it was agreed that on websites and communications it would be noted that only EAPC are permitted on the Hurtwood.

David thought that mountain bikers would also police this, as the more powerful electric bikes would damage trails.

The matter of electric bike would also be brought up at the next meeting with landowners including the NT

Village Matters:

The ditches along the houses on the east side of the Ewhurst Road were requiring maintenance,
As the strip of land is owned by Shere Manor Estates it was agreed that residents affected should write to the Estate coping there letters to SPC.

It would appear from the Surrey advertiser that Peaslake planning applications were going to Tillingbourne instead of Shere. AG will look into this.

Date of next meeting: 3rd July 2017 at 8pm.

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