Community Council minutes 5th November 2018



Meeting held on Monday 5thNovember 2018 in Peaslake Memorial Hall at 8.00pm

The meeting was chaired by Jim Collin and attended by 22 Peaslakers


Present:  Julie Barham, Nick Bray, Sally Bray, Jim Collin,  Sara Dangerfield, Beverley Harrap, Christine Harrison, Anne Heyes, Jim Heyes, Marion Jones, Julie Knight, Sam McCormick, David Mercer, David Pickford, Sally Price, Tony Robinson, Suzanne Rogers, Marion Taylor-Cotter, Michael Urban, Mark Weller, Janette Weller, Jane Williams

Apologies:  Sandy Eve, Adrienne Golightly, Zoe Horton, Jeff Jones, Gerry Reffo, Deb Stevens, Martyn Warrell.

Jim welcomed everybody.  All those attending introduced themselves and, as appropriate, what organisation they represented, including all of the Peaslake Fair Committee.  Beverley Harrap attended for the Parish Council.

Treasurer’s Report

Marion Taylor-Cotter reported that the balance as at 1stNovember 2018 was £181.55

Matters Arising from October 2018 minutes

Future of Peaslake Community Council                                                                                                                                 Julie reported that following her request for feedback on the past couple of meeting, comments received so far had been favourable, though differing views were expressed on the length of meetings and the minutes.  There were five people who had agreed to take the chair at the meetings: Anne Heyes, Julie Barham, Jim Collin, Christine Harrison (December) and Nick Bray (January). Offers to be notetakers were still needed.  Comments, suggestions and offers of help, eg with social media, still very welcome, though further discussion and any decisions wouldn’t be happening until the New Year.


Garden Society(Marion Jones)

– The AGM is on 8thNovember in Shere Village Hall.   New committee members are needed.                                      –  The flower troughs will be planted up with red flowers for the “Peaslake Remembers”  event.

Peaslake Lunch Group  (Christine Harrison)

– The monthly lunches in the Old School Room have been well attended.                                                                         –  The Christmas Lunch will be at Ridgmount on 5thDecember

Peaslake School  (Suzanne Rogers, Sara Dangerfield)

The MTBO in October was very successful, despite the weather. The next one will be in April 2019.

Royal British Legion  (Sally Price)                                                                                                                                                 –  Sally reported on the “Peaslake Remembers” commemoration.  A carpet of poppies has been laid over the heather on the War Memorial, and there is a Trail of Poems at various points in the village centre.  The main event is on Saturday 10thNovember, and will commence at 1.40 with the ringing of the church bells, followed by the Suffragette March from Pond Lane car park to the Memorial Hall. The hall will be decorated as it could have been 100 years ago and hopefully those attending will be in costume too. Donated food, as for a street party, will be laid out on trestle tables and there will be a bar and hot drinks. Proceedings will officially start at 2.00pm.  Entertainment will be provided by Peaslake Free School and the Duke of Kent School, with the Peaslake Players performing a “Good Old Days Music Hall”                                                                                                                               –  The RBL Women’s Section will hold their AGM in the Old School Room on 7thNovember

W.I.  (Beverley Harrap)

The 100thAnnual Meeting of Peaslake WI was held on 1stNovember; sadly there were no nominations for committee members so the branch has to go into suspension.  The last meeting will be held on 6th December.

Village Events

Peaslake Fair.

Julie Knight reported that the Fair had again been very successful , with fine weather and a good atmosphere; however, not quite as much had been raised this year despite more people than ever attending.  She presented cheques to the beneficiaries – £1,200 each to Peaslake Memorial Hall, Peaslake Free School,  Friends of the Hurtwood and £400 for the Peaslake Community Fund.   Julie said she’d had a brilliant Committee and thanked them all for their hard work and support.  Feedback after the Fair had been very positive, except for problems with the parking.  Recommendations for next year included advertising early in the New Year for beneficiaries, and these organisations’ representatives should make up the Fair Committee.  Various other suggestions were discussed and these would be passed on for next year.

The meeting thanked Julie and the Fair Committee for all their hard work and commitment, which was much appreciated.

Christmas Trees.                                                                                                                                                                             – The outside Christmas tree needs to be erected at the beginning of December, and lights put on.  Peter Knight and Dave Colebrook would be contacted.                                                                                                                                – Jim Collin confirmed that he would be arranging for the Hall Christmas tree to be erected and decorated in good time for various Christmas events in the hall.

Peaslake Christmas Evening.  Thursday 20thDecember 7pm. Bobby Knott is organising the entertainment, Aaron Taylor-Cotter has made the Christmas Cake, the WI will supply the mince pies, and the Villagers Group provide the refreshments.  Help is needed for the donation buckets as people leave the hall.


Unable to attend, Gerry Reffo had emailed responses to matters brought up at the last meeting:                                            –  Allotments: meetings had been arranged with most of the interested residents.                                                         –  Footpath clearance from Farney Lane to Torrells: the Parish Clerk had been notified and it is being dealt with.  Michael Urban reported that the tarmac there is breaking up.                                                                                             –  Possible damage to Ewhurst Road bank when Peaslake Farm building works start had been raised with Greenoak Housing Association and they confirmed a transport plan would be put in place.  It was suggested that it should form part of the planning application.                                                                                                                      – Tarmac track up to the Cemetery.  The Parish Clerk had been requested to arrange a site meeting.  It was thought that the track is the joint responsibility of the Church and the Parish Council.  In the past, grants had been received from Guildford Borough Council.                                                                                                                      – Assistant to the Parish Clerk: there had been a good response to the advert and the Council are likely to ratify the appointment of the successful candidate soon.

Jim Collin noted concerns about:                                                                                                                                                 – Pursers Hollow, on the hill between Hoe Lane and Peaslake Farm, vegetation is spreading across the road  and narrowing the road;  would it be possible, since SCC’s budget has been severely cut, for some of the funds allocated to Peaslake to be used to pay for this.                                                                                                                      –  The hedge at Apple Tree Cottage is now some 60cms into the road and obstructing the ditch.  The ditch needs to be re-instated.                                                                                                                                                                            –   After heavy rain, a great amount of water and debris was coming off Walking Bottom Car Park.  Jim Heyes, on behalf of Friends of the Hurtwood, said he would speak to the Ranger, Mark Beaumont, about this.

Mark Weller reported that Burchetts Hollow was very overgrown.


Christine Harrison reminded everyone about the film crew coming to the village from Monday 12thNovember doing location work on the latest series of “The Durrells”; the filming is around the village centre and there will be traffic lights in Ewhurst Road.

Jim thanked all those who had attended, enabling another good meeting. The meeting ended at 9.30pm.

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 3rdDecember 2018                                                           JC/JB/17.11.18

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