Community Council minutes 7th January 2019


Meeting held on Monday 7thJanuary 2019 in Peaslake Memorial Hall at 8.00pm

The meeting was chaired by Nick Bray and attended by 16 Peaslakers



Present:  Julie Barham, Nick Bray, Sally Bray, Andy Clayton, Jim Collin, Sara Dangerfield, Caroline Earle, Christine Harrison, Anne Heyes, Jim Heyes, David Mercer, Marion Taylor-Cotter, Michael Urban, Martyn Warrell,  Mark Weller, Janette Weller,

Apologies:   Peter Copping, Bill Egerton, Adrienne Golightly, Cyndie Gould, Zoe Horton, Marion & Jeff Jones, Julie Knight, Laura Laughlin, Gerry Reffo, Tony Robinson, Deb Stevens.

Nick welcomed everybody.  All those attending introduced themselves and, as appropriate, what organisation they represented.

Treasurer’s Report

Marion Taylor-Cotter reported that the balance as at 1stJanuary was £753.43.  The bucket collection at the Christmas Evening raised £215.18, the only expense being the £50 cost of the Christmas Cake.  The other outgoing was the hire of the hall for the past quarter of £30.  Power for the lighting of the outside Christmas Tree had again been kindly provided by Elspeth and Digby Hulme, and our grateful thanks go to them.

Estimated future expenditure is £530 for insurance and £120 for hire of the hall.  As there will be a surplus, Marion proposed that the Community Council  might like to give a donation of £50 to the hall towards their fund-raising efforts, not least in recognition that the  £10 hire charge per meeting is a very advantageous rate. The meeting agreed to this donation.

Matters Arising from December 2018 minutes

These were included under later Agenda items.


Peaslake School  (Sara Dangerfield)

There was some concern over future pupil numbers with fewer younger families moving into the village.

St Mark’s Church  (Anne Heyes)

The re-ordering of the back of the church, and subsequent decoration is commencing 21stJanuary.  Some services may be affected but any changes will be announced in good time.

Peaslake Memorial Hall  (Michael Urban)

The front hedge is going to be cut back, which will improve sight lines for vehicles exiting the hall car park.  Martin Nicholson will be doing this soon.

Royal British Legion  – Women’s Section    (Marion Taylor-Cotter)

A fund-raising quiz is being held in the Old School Room on Saturday 26thJanuary; numbers to be confirmed by 14thJanuary.

Not-the-W.I.   (Julie Barham)

Past members intend to meet on an informal basis in the Old School Room, certainly for the next few months.  The first meeting is on 10thJanuary at 2pm, when plans for future meetings will be discussed.  The WI Mah Jong Group will morph into the Peaslake Mah Jong Group and continue to meet on the third Thursday of the month in the Old School Room at 2pm.  It will be open to men and women, and tuition given to beginners.


Peaslake  Christmas Evening.

The evening had been very successful, and generally the early start was popular.  However, 20thDecember was very close to Christmas which meant some families were already away.  Information regarding safety exits etc., refreshments, donations, and most important the arrival of Father Christmas hadn’t  been announced at the start, which meant that some families left early and Santa had lots of leftover presents; also donations were down on previous years. There were lots of good acts and Bobby Knott was to be congratulated on putting on another very good show.  A letter would be written on behalf of the Community Council.

Peaslake Players:  “The Sound of Music”  5th–9th February

Nearly all the tickets have been sold; some songs were showcased at the Christmas Evening.

Peaslake Village Fair 2019

Four applications to be beneficiaries of the Fair had been received. These were from Peaslake School, Peaslake Memorial Hall, the Friends of the Hurtwood, and Shere & Peaslake Scouts and Guides.

It was agreed at December’s meeting that the Fair Committee would be made up of  representatives from the beneficiary organisations.  To this end, they will get together before the next Community Council meeting and report back.  No decision was made regards the percentage each organisation would receive and this would be left to the organising committee and the contribution each was making. It was suggested that a notice could be put up in the shop asking if anyone would like to help with the Fair.

Parking was a problem last year.  It was suggested that if Greenoak Housing Association had cleared the plot at Peaslake Farm, this perhaps could be used, with the WASP bus running a shuttle service along Ewhurst Road.



Our Parish Councillors, Gerry Reffo and Adrienne Golightly, were unable to attend so had emailed feedback on the General Purposes issues raised at the last meeting

Farney Lane to Torrells footpath:  SPC to look at the path and report to the General Purposes Committee on 16thJanuary.

Apple Tree Cottage:  SPC have spoken to the residents and they will prune the hedge when it is next cut this Spring.  Additionally, the Clerk noticed the lack of Give Way markings on the junction next to Apple Tree Cottage, and has reported this to Surrey Highways.

Gomshall Level Crossing:  SPC will again chase up Network Rail who need to do their work on the crossing first. Highways filled in some holes as an interim measure but they are opening up again.  Apparently some works in Chilworth have delayed Network Rail.

Hoe House Fence:  The Clerk has updated the Enforcement Officer again and he is due to visit. There should be an update at the Planning or full Council Meeting.

Badger Damage:  Gerry will send updated photos to the Clerk.

Redirection of water off the Hurtwoodto reduce flooding in the village centre:  A site meeting was held with the Clerk, Mark Beaumont (FoH ranger) and Jon Moon.   It looks like clearing the channels on the left-hand side (going down) of the footpath down to the church would take some of the water away from flowing into the village.   The Ranger and the Clerk agreed to consult the landowners to see if they would contribute to the cost of the work.  An update is expected for the General Purposes Committee on 16thJanuary.

Drainage channels on Radnor Road:  These have been cleared.

Footpath across Plaws Hill:   Adrienne reported the broken step to the Parish Council and sent photos.  A contractor has been to see the steps and a warning has been placed.

Cycle Damage to the Bank– Walking Bottom to the Church:  This has been reported again to SPC and photos sent.  It will be discussed at the General Purposes Committee on 16thJanuary.

Adrienne said she will raise the fact at this meeting that as the General Purposes Committee only meets at six-monthly intervals, this causes unacceptable delays in dealing with maintenance issues.

Other issues raised:

Allotments behind the Memorial Hall.  Jim Collin reported that there was a meeting soon, and arrangements would be finalised.

Peaslake Farm.  It was hoped Greenoak would be organising clearance of the site by June.

Cemetary fencing.  David Mercer reported that some of the fencing was down, and deer were getting into the cemetary.  Marion Taylor-Cotter said she would bring it up at the Church property meeting on 8thJanuary.

For Shere Parish Council.  Complaints about the potholes on Mackies Hill, and the very poor road surface.

Reduction in the No. 25 Bus Service through Peaslake– details were in the January Parish Magazine.  The Community Council would write a letter to the bus company.

Surrey Union Hunt –Caroline Earle spoke strongly against the action of the Hunt.  In view of comments in December’s minutes, it was agreed that personal letters of objection should be sent  at this time, but if there was any recurrence,  the Community Council would write then.

Future of the Community Council/Potential re-naming:  While the objectives of the meeting were being achieved and attendance numbers remained stable,  the  Community Council would continue for the time being with a “Rolling Chair”.   Cyndie Gould offered to take the chair at later meetings and Jim Collin would get in touch with her.   There was discussion about renaming, which everyone thought was a good idea, but none of the suggestions  met with much enthusiasm, so the name will stay the same – for the time being anyway!



Topic of Interest.   Julie Barham suggested that there might be at each meeting, a short talk (five minutes) about a local organisation, a new initiative, or something else!  To this end, David Mercer will speak next month about the Peaslake Community Fund– what it is, how it started, what it’s used for.

Cyclists and Vans.  Concern was expressed about vans parked close to the cycle shop which impeded views of the road ahead; also the number of cycles displayed in the road and cyclists gathered around that area, again impeding views and progress.  In addition some cyclists seemed to forget that the road is a public one used by pedestrians and motorists as they did wheelies and other manoeuvres!  Nick Bray said he would speak to Howard about the parked vans.  It was suggested that if anyone has had a particular problem about parked vehicles or the cyclists, they could report this to our local PCSO.


Nick thanked all those who had attended, enabling another good meeting. The meeting ended at 9.30pm.


Date of Next Meeting: Monday 4thFebruary 2019                                                          NB/JB/12.1.19

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