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Community Council Minutes 8th May 2017




Matters Arising:


The omission from Shere Parish Council (SPC) minutes for March 2017 of Peaslake residents views: This omission was raised with the Parish Council Clerk at the April meeting. Peaslake councillors will check whether corrections have been made and residents’ views are reflected in the revised minutes.


A25 hatching at the turn off for Gomshall Lane: SPC endorsed the suggestion at the April Council meeting. Peaslake councillors will follow up to ensure that action is taken to raise this suggestion with Surrey County Council. It was also agreed to suggest putting ‘STOP’ signs at the junctions on to the A25 from Shere and Albury instead of the current give way.


SPC  Business


Audio recordings of SPC meetings: PCC welcomed the decision to continue recording the meetings and asked Peaslake Councillors to ask SPC to put the audio recordings on the website.


E bikes: There are two types of E bike. The low powered ones with a max speed of 20mph and the higher powered ones that can go as fast as 50mph. SPC will write to Friends of the Hurtwood to ask for restrictions on use of the high powered bikes on the Hurtwood at the suggestion of Peaslake councillors.


Peaslake Farm fields: SPC are exploring the option of leasing the fields to a Peaslake Village Community Interest Company on a long lease. This would provide the protection for the valley that Peasake councillors and the Peaslake Protection Group have worked very hard to achieve. There will be tough negotiations on who funds the necessary work to get the land into a fit state to let, but it is a very positive step forward and residents hope for a constructive outcome.


Housing development on Peaslake Farm: Initial planning advice from Guildford Borough Council recognised that Peaslake is an attractive village and the housing development should be designed to fit in with neighbouring properties and not to look like an estate. They also recommended bigger gardens and better parking facilities than those proposed by SPC. Sticking with the original plan of 8 houses would provide more space for gardens and parking.


SPC contacted those local people who expressed interest in renting the houses. 11 people replied.  6 of them wanted a 1 bed house and 3 a 1 bed flat. The other 2 wanted a larger 3 bed property.




Treasurers report:


Village insurance was now due with a small increase over last year of £15.18 to £495.35.


Village Fair: 28 August 2017-05-11


A committee had been formed with Julie Knight as chair and will also be taking booking for stalls. Samantha McCormick and Jane Weller will be looking after advertising in the program and sponsorship.


Village Matters:


SPC councillors present mentioned that the cars parked in Peaslake Farm fields should be moved or be placed undercover within the next three months.


Cyndie Gould mentioned that 2 people were interested in having allocation policies.


There was a suggestion that the Village Hall should be moved to Peaslake Farm and the proposed housing on the farm moved to the Halls site.


Adrienne Golightly raised the following comments for discussion:

Ebikes on the Hurtwood –

Permission was given by the Friends of the Hurtwood, for an Electric bike demonstration days in Peaslake.  2 further events are planned.


The event was promoted on the shop’s website as:  ‘The hills and roads of Peaslake provide the perfect opportunity to try out these great electric MTB and Urban bikes in the actual terrain you will be using them.’


There is NO stipulation in the promotional material that ONLY the lower powered bikes can be used or that the bikes ridden on private land need the permission of the Landowner.

The Term ‘Electric bike’ has been used, this could be applied to several types of bike.


The concerns are that in allowing the use of Ebikes, on the Hurtwood, it will be difficult to keep control when bikes become more powerful and more widely used.

E machines are now being used for road trials and motor cross activities.


More powerful Ebikes are classed as Motor bikes, an alternative to motorised vehicles.

The Management Plan for the Hurtwood excludes internal combustion engines, it is unlikely that Electric powered bikes were considered in the plan.


If introduced and found to be undesirable, is there any way that the Bikes can be excluded?

There is no doubt that, once established, the use of the Hurtwood as a place where Electric bikes can be ridden will be widely publicised.


If these bikes are to be allowed on the Hurtwood, there is a need for strict, enforceable regulation to keep control of the type of bikes and their use.


Date of next meeting: Monday 5th June 2017 at 8pm.

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