Community Council minutes 9th April 2018

Peaslake Community Council.

Minutes of the Meeting of the 9thApril 2018.

Matters outstanding:

 Jeff and Marion Jones are looking after the planters near the bus shelter.

The following agreed at a site meeting with Highways:

1) Burrows Lane – Network Rail are going to do remedial works on the level crossing and will repair the road surrounding it. Surrey CC will do some tarmacking on the  stretch of road going up from the crossing to Peaslake.

2) Farney Lane – Surrey CC will tarmac the entrance to the footpath

3) Walking Bottom banks – SPC to plant holly and other prickly plants to stop cyclists mounting the banks. Surrey CC to clear ditches between the road and the car park.

4) Mackies Hill – Surrey CC to look at repairs and bringing forward planned work to resurface the road.

5) Bollard at bus stop village centre – now replaced by SPC.

No report yet from SPC about the School path.

Treasurers Report:

 No change from last month.

 Fair Allocation:

 After reading the submissions it was decided that any surplus from the fair would be divided as follows: 30% to the School, The Friends of the Hurtwood and the Hall. With the remaining 10% going to the Peaslake Community Fund.

Village Matters for SPC:

 Litter around the Village; litter bins for car parks required. Pond lane, Walking Bottom.

Street signs require cleaning,

Dog waste bins to help stop fouling on pavements and school field.

For the Village,Extra outside lights for Christmas.

Clearing Ditch by Hoe Lane.

Could reflectors be fitter to the new barrier by Lentern Close  so motorists are able to see the bend at night.

Reminder that the Halls car park will be closed on the 28thMay to preserve its rights.


Next Meeting:Monday 14thMay 2018 at 8pm.

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