Community Council minutes Nov 12

Our November meeting opened with Christine Harrison and Jill

Peaslake Community Council


Lucken going through the August Village fair accounts and explaining which stalls were up or down on last years figurers. Our thanks to all who sponsored  events and took adds in the programme.


The benefactors of the Fair were then presented with cheques; they included The Peaslake School, Memorial Hall, The Friends of the Hurtwood, and a cheque to the Community Council to cover the insurance.

A vote of thanks was recorded for Christine and her committee for organising the Fair, setting the stalls up and taking them down at the end of the day.


Under matters to be brought to the attention of SPC came:

The drain near the Peaslake Garage which seems to have a constant blockage and will need “rodding” as well to clear any spoil blocking the pipes, Bollards near the bus stop at Lentern Close to stop vehicles driving on the new laid surface, the curb stones between Wonham Way and Rad Lane that have disappeared into the road, overgrown hedges and the foot path between Rad lane and Mackies Hill which has become very overgrown in recent months.

Question were also raised about the continuing burglaries that seem to be plaguing the Village.  Please if you do see a suspicious vehicle, take its number and report the matter to the Police. 

This years village Christmas evening will be on the 20th December, held has usual in the Memorial Hall, a fun evening for all the family.


Our final meeting of the year will take place on Monday 3rd December in the Memorial Hall.  

By: Michael urban

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