Community Council minutes Sept 12


At our September meeting

Peaslake Community Council


the success of the village fair was discussed and we would like to thank Charlie Palmer (local Olympic torch bearer) for opening the fair and for spending most of the afternoon being photographed holding the torch or allowing the torch to be held by the next generation of Olympic contestants.


A further thanks you to Christine Harrison  for chairing the fair committee and to all those who helped in with setting the event up and of course clearing away afterwards as well as Our Memorial Hall for the use of all its facilities including the ground for the BBQ and beer tent.


During the fair John Clements a previous chair of the PCC came over to our stand and

very kindly presented to us, two documents dating back to October 1945, showing the formation of the PCC, together with a photo copy of an article from taken from the Daily Mirror about Peaslake  written in 1948.

Many thanks John; this very much appreciated.

We will be putting a photo copy of the above on the notice board in the bus shelter and on the village website later this month.



The water leak on the Ewhurts Road had been reported but not yet attended to and it was mentioned that the bench opposite East View had disappeared in the undergrowth.

Regrettably this summer?? has seen an unprecedented growth in foliage which at some time will need to be cleared from both  pavements and foot paths.


Our next meeting will be on the 1st October, when it is hoped that we can have a Crime Prevention Office available to inform us of how we can protect our property in view of the recent thefts.

Please look at the notice board in the bus shelter to see if this has been achieved,   or email me.







By: Michael urban

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