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Peaslake Community Council Minutes 4th September 2017


This month we had a larger meeting then in July with some attending we have not seen for a long time.

Matters arising from the previous meeting:

It was still not clear who owned the land outside Farney Lane.
We have not yet received a response from the parish Council regarding the omission from the minutes.
Shere planning was under the Tillingbourne heading due to the Ward.

Treasurers report:

We have £70.59 in the account but are waiting for a reimbursement from the Fair Committee for the insurance.

Village Fair:

A vote of thanks to Julie Knight and her team for organising an excellent event. All agreed that the mix of stalls added to the attraction.

Three tables from the Hall have not yet been returned if you know were they are can you please return them.

Village Matters for SPC.

Cllr: Adrienne Golightly reported.

Ebikes on the Hurtwood: SPC had received a response to their letter to the Friends of the Hurtwood, which would be commented upon at the SPC meeting on Tuesday

Not suitable for HGV’s signs: Signs have been erected on the Ewhurst to Shere Road but not on roads leading into Peaslake (Ewhurst Road past Coverwood and Lawbrook Lane)

“I have concerns that this will lead to HGV’s being directed through Peaslake and so have asked for the matter to be investigated and that measures are taken to discourage HGV drivers using Peaslake roads.”

GBC Funding: Grants given to GBC have been severely cut back. This will inevitably mean that repair and maintenance work will not be carried out by . “I will raise this matter to establish how much of this work can be undertaken by SPC in the future.”

Chevrons at Mackies Hill: This work has been completed with SPC covering the costs

Any Other Business:

Questions were raised about the gate on the south side of the Memorial Hall.
MU responded that there seems to be a misconception by some, that the Memorial Hall’s car park/forecourt was Village property, in fact it is private property and belonged to the Memorial Hall. (The public car park is in Pond Lane and is maintained by SPC)
The Memorial Hall, car park/forecourt and the land behind is owned by the Official Custodian for Charities on behalf of the Memorial Hall and was for Memorial Hall users only.
The maintenance of the forecourt/car park, building and land is the sole responsibility of the trustees who are tasked with finding the money to do this.
The gate had been placed there to stop unauthorised parking, protect Memorial Hall users from vehicles, who turn round there, protect the surface of the forecourt and access rights.
Questions were then asked about the use of a metal gate instead of wood, this was due to cost of the metal gate being inexpensive compared to a wooden one.
Mrs Jane Walters and Mrs Anne Hayes asked if the funds could be found could the gate be exchanged for a wooden one, the reply was yes.
It was also explained that the grant to resurface the car park/forecourt was a grant by SPC to the charity.
On the question from JW of the Memorial Hall no longer being viable, the money raised for its sale might be utilised for other charitable purposes, possibly the construction of a new Hall on a different site, but another possibility was that the land (or the money for its sale) would revert to the estate of the original owner (at the meeting it was suggested that this might be the Bray estate but at a post meeting check revealed that the land was originally given by The Hon Henry Cubitt.)
It had been suggested that an agreement with SPC to exchange the Hall for Peaslake Farm might be a good idea, then the fields could be used for a cricket pitch, tennis courts or other sporting activities.

Date of next meeting: 2nd October 2017 8pm.

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