Peaslake Village Fayre 2012

Peaslake Village Fayre 2012

Although it proved to be something of a cliff-hanger this year as far as the weather was concerned, we did actually get away without being rained on until virtually the last few minutes of the fayre and then finally as stall holders were just starting to pack up we did get the forecast shower. However it proved to be short-lived until later in the evening when a little more sustained drizzle forced the Hurtwood chefs under their umbrellas at the barbecue.

Once again I spent an enjoyable afternoon on site fulfilling my ‘roving photographer’ brief and managed to capture quite a few nice shots starting with the opening ceremony kindly carried out by our local Olympic torch bearer Charlie Palmer who despite his advancing years looked a good bit fitter than one or two other villagers (who shall of course be nameless) and I’m not excluding myself either!

In addition to images of pretty well all the stalls and their valiant attendants I think I successfully invaded the privacy of quite a few others including proud dog owners. The Morris Men were of course fair game as were the face painters, the Pimms people, and quite a lot of other candid shots presented themselves that may or not be welcomed by the individuals concerned. (Nothing untoward at all really)

The images have now been uploaded to a FLICKR site that I created especially for the event and can easily be viewed on-line.

Simply google ‘Peaslake Pics’ and go to Flickr – Peaslake Pics – Photostream to see the whole collection.

It is important to remember a couple of things.
These images are of very low resolution and cannot be printed out at any appreciable size – so they should only be regarded as ‘proofs’.

Secondly all the images bear my digital copyright and I would appreciate being asked rather than anyone attempting to reproduce them without my consent. I will be happy to supply by e-mail and FREE OF CHARGE any of the images in digital form for personal use.

I have high resolution originals for all the images which can easily be cropped down to pictures of individuals or printed out as high quality prints if required.

I think some of the candid shots, particularly of the children, would make quite nice mementos of the day and if anyone would like to discuss an individual image and how it might best be enhanced, reproduced etc., please do give me a call on 01306 730 547 or e-mail me on .

The Greetings Cards sold in the shop under the name Surrey Hills Images are also produced by me and similarly all the images can be made available as prints. Mounting and framing is also a possibility. Prices according to size required.

Brian Simmons

By: Brian Simmons

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