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Peaslake Farm Fields

On this page is a brief history of Peaslake Farm fields and the current proposals for a lease with Coverwood Farm and the Community Garden and Orchard. 

SPC meeting on 11 June 2024.

Please come to the meeting to ask questions and give your views.

A significant question is whether SPC should:

(i) retain a 10 meter strip of land?

(ii) If yes, should it be limited to parking to support development of the farmyard?

(iii) Should it be retained additionally for future residential car parking?

If you are unable to attend the meeting,

please email your views to the Parish Clerk and copy in Gerry and Tania.

Shere Parish Council Proposal

Click on the links for SPC's proposal and map.

You will see the 15 year break clause is gone. Paragraph 7 sets out the proposals for car parking. 

A license for a community garden and orchard is included. 


Peaslakers Community Garden and Orchard Concept.

Click on the links for an overview of the Community Garden and Orchard and for the full proposal.

You will see there are two options: a larger community garden and no car park; or a smaller community garden and a car park. 

The second option will mean that the fields lose their greenfield status protection.

Peaslake Community Views June 2023

108 residents completed survey forms in just over a week in June 2023 giving their views on Peaslake Farm fields. The results are here.​In summary, there is strong support for preserving and protecting the character and essential features of the fields; for agricultural use and no parking or public access. Enhancing bio-diversity and protecting wildlife also attracted strong support. There was good support for community food growing and an orchard. 

Positive Features of Coverwood Lease

- Used for grazing/agriculture

- Local farmer with strong track record

- Licensed for community orchard and garden with controlled access.

- Improving Bio-diversity and creating wild life corridors-

Peaslake Fair parking permitted

- No other parking or public access

-No pets or gatherings.


The recent history of Peaslake Farm fields. 

June 2016 SPC voted for a 25 year lease and agricultural use.

May 2023 Chair SPC reiterated support for protection of the fields for the forseeable future. 

July 2023 Peaslake residents survey on uses.

February 2024 Shere Parish Council took impromptu decisions to (i) retain a 10 meter wide strip of land.  Residents feared that this will be used for some form of development; and (ii) to impose a 15 year break clause in the 25 year lease which goes back on previous commitments to offer long term protection and discourages sustained tenant investment in land management and biodiversity.

June 2024 SPC publish their proposal for use of the fields. The community publish proposals for the community garden and orchard.​​​

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